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The MOST Underrated Japanese SWIMBAIT On The Market (Stealth Swimmer)

Swimbait fishing for bass is one of the most addictive bites you will ever have in bass fishing. In this video I test out a swimbait that …


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  1. Love your videos man. Just wanted to point out that when you missed the bass at 2:09 you can see your rod was actually pointing at the fish and when you set the hook you swung all the way past 90deg and still had to turn your body and lost the fish. I think you were using a rod that was way too light for the type of hook you had on there. I’ve fished mags and mag slows with Swimbait hooks for years and the first thing I learned with them is when you feel the fish, hit them hard or that whole bait will just come out of their mouth. Anyway you can see by how far the rod bends that you lose at lest half of your hook set power with that rod. May be good for a drop shot or
    Treble hook but wrong rod for a big hook.

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