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My First Time Fishing With A GIANT Bull Shad Swimbait (Super Realistic)

Today I threw around one of my favorite jointed swimbaits. The mike bucca bull shad! My first time throwing the giant bull shad was not a disappointment. One of the most realistic shad swimbaits in the game! Would you throw this swimbait?

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  1. does anyone know what rod and reel he’s using? i’m trying to get into swimbaits but i’m not sure which rod and reel are best for it

  2. I got a bull gill at dicks for 11.75 it was on clearance. Don't know why not selling maybe? I'm in SW Florida can't see it not selling. Baby Bull shad was 15.00.

  3. Those early morning sunrise edit are killer, I was pulling for you to double up when two were chancing the swimbait. You got to find a DD in that body of water, keep throwing it till you land a DD.

  4. Already know this video is gonna be fire! I would love to see a head to head comparison of the Bull Shad and the Baby Bull Shad: Which one catches bigger fish and which one catches more!

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