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The Most Important Video About Offshore Bass Fishing You Will Ever Watch (Probably…)

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  1. Great video! Will be very similar to catch walleye at least where I live. Fortunately the Indiana DNR has done a pretty good job on stocking walleye on our resivors

  2. Great video! Now I have a question. How do you find fish on big rivers like the st Lawrence River? It's crystal clear (50 FT and I can see bottom). No thermocline because it's a river with current and the fish are not feeding on schools of small bait fish.

  3. You put me in a tidal water river and I'm good. Put me in a reservoir lake that's deep and I'm so lost. All my bank fishing tricks are useless. Great video. I struggle with these types of lakes

  4. Are these depths to the bottom of the lake or do you mean I should target the bass at those maximum depths even if the bottom of the lake is way deeper?

  5. Great video. Now that I know how to determine the water depth to fish based on water clarity I could use some coaching on how to keep my bait in that strike zone. Counting down seems to have a wide margin of error. Suggestions?

  6. It's not necessary true that there is little oxygen below the thermocline in the summer. Some ultra clear reservoirs/lakes have well oxygenated water all the way to the bottom in over 100 ft of water well below the thermocline – and fish will live there in the summer.

  7. When will you come out with settings on the gen 4 helix ? And I thought gen 3 and gen 4 are pretty much the same since they use the same transducer and also same mega imaging.

  8. Thank you for your hard work, visuals and graphics. A lot of YouTubers just talk and explain, assuming that people know what they mean. But you take it to another level so it’s much appreciated.

  9. Is this a tried and true method, and how far alart do the bass and bait fish need to be for this to work? I don't know how Muddy water Bass have any clue where bait fish might be out in the middle of the lake?

  10. I don't use fish finders. I watch the video though for information even though I don't have a fish finder. I fish from the shore but if I did fish from the boat I still wouldn't use a fish finder. I've learned other methods to find fish without a fish finder. Fishing fast using 1 cast 1 bait for say 4 minutes. Switch bait if you get no reaction from bait. After fishing 1 cast per area switching baits an you fished fast a lot of areas with a lot of baits you haven't got bites go down to last area you haven't covored fish that last area slow. If even from switching baits every 4 minutes in a lot of areas after you fish the last are covored going slow to moderate pace. Then after you fished that last area that wasnt covored prevously, then go back to areas you had no bites you fished go moderate to slow. Sometimes going moderate to slow going back to areas you fished later you may get bites. Fish that weren't there earlier as u did 1 cast an retrieve switching rods with different baits every 4 minutes going moderate to slow over those same areas you did later you mat have luck. Yes this is an extensive method an does take a lot of time. Also if say after 1 hour covering a lot of area using 1 cast 1 retrieve an switch poles with different baits an u covor a lot of water sometimes its better to just find a new body of water an repeat process. 1 cast an retrieve switching poles with different baits every 4 minutes. If you decide to stay an re fish areas you already fished going moderate to slow switch poles with different baits every 4 minutes that's up to you.

  11. Another great video, Jonny! Your videos and presentation keep getting better and better. I try to catch everything you put out and greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating all the great content. Keep 'em coming!!

  12. Hey Johnny, the lake I fish is max 2ft depth by the dam. my friends have been catching em in 20-25ft in the mid lake area-1-2ft visibility max. absolutely blows my mind because I feel like that is way too deep to be looking

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