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The Most ESSENTIAL Part Of Bass Fishing!

A lot of times when it comes to bass fishing, we anglers can often get a good case of tunnel vision. We’re locked in on what it is we’re doing whether it’s successful or not. In this video, we’ll discuss why change is not just a good thing, it’s often necessary. Sometimes it’s a great idea to go in a totally different direction!

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  1. One thing I definitely need to get to trying is the low brow rig as I feel like the fish in my waters don't see a presentation like it,thanks low brow and I agree, adaptation is a very important part of our fishing!! Much appreciated and stay safe out there!!

  2. I've been trying to do like you said and focus more on bass behavior. The other day I was fishing from the bank and not getting anything. It was sunny and calm so I figured those bass would be seeking cover. I looked at a small dock along the bank in the back of the pocket I was fishing. I pitched a 3/8 ounce arkie jig under it and ended up catching a 3 lb bass!

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