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In this video, my dad and I are fishing in a CLEAR WATER river I Colombia. I decide to take a few casts to a creek opening, and end up booking a GIANT fish on a light setup!

This fish was caught on a 6th Sense Fishing L7 MVMT crankbait! It’s my favorite hardbait for any species of bass! Use my discount code PIG10 for 10% off at



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  1. For you next visit Ty be carful because the Colombian supreme court banned all types of fishing I would do some research if you ever go again. Stay safe

  2. A few years ago i was fishing in my grandpa's pond that's full of croppy an bluegill and Bass and I had caught a small fish i figured was a small croppy or a bluegill and just about when I reeled it close to the bank my line sunk and my pole bent an i was like what in the world and i finally got it to the bank and had to grab the line and pull it out of the water and it was a huge large mouth bass the biggest one I've ever caught before. Of course I left my phone in my truck and didn't get a picture and the bass got off and flopped back in the water but what had happened was i had caught a full grown bluegill and when I got close to the bank that large mouth Bass snatched my bluegill and had the full grown bluegill in its mouth i didn't have anything to weigh it with even if I did i wouldn't have had a chance to weigh it because it flopped off back in the water but it was close to the same size or maybe just a hair smaller than the one this guy caught but it's good to know that it was at least 10 pounds or so.

  3. I just seen this one. Freakin wow! It looked like a dinosaur with an armored plate in its head! Good gravy it was HUGE! I would have actually been afraid to try to grab that monster. What if he decides he don’t like you?? What then? Just playing. Great catch my friend. Legendary

  4. God Bless you all! All glory to God! Turn from your sins and live for God! Romans 10:9 “if you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God rose Him from the dead you will be saved.”

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