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The MOST Consistent & BEST SUMMER Bass LURE (Summer Bass Fishing Tips)

There are a number of different summer bass lures you could have, but the best lure is the good old plastic worm. You can rig it a number different ways and it catches big bass and lots of bass!


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Senko –


Summer time is the right time for worms!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.


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  1. the stick-o and yamamoto can't have the same action – it's physically impossible… The stick-o is a far more dense and rigid plastic with far less salt impregnated into it. This does not mean the stick-o sucks, I throw it all the time, but the real senko is undeniably superior.

    A dodge viper is better than a Challenger SRT, but the Challenger SRT is still a nice car and can do the same stuff, specially with a good driver.

  2. after watching this…i compared 2 diff lure comp….June Bug color…some have a purple tail and the other had a rred tail….so witch is the best of the 2 colors.?..thank you

  3. Iโ€™ve been on repeat with your videos and they are great but it just clicked like watching my kids everything in this world is fast forward . The way they think and have to be entertained, fishing seems to be if you donโ€™t catch something here, cast there and try a different technique, if not there over there with a different cast or yank. Not putting your videos down just thinking how the world has changed. Itโ€™s a wonder why I canโ€™t teach my kids to fish with a live worm . Just typing out loud . I do appreciate the videos though. Thank you

  4. I basically fish from the shore 99% of the time
    The spots I fish are no more than 4-8ft deep

    Not a lot of cover. I like to keep it simple Iโ€™ve always enjoyed soft plastics . Maybe my handicap but now that July is here Iโ€™m not having success .

    Typically the water I fish is either one of three
    Clear with a black bottom
    Stained water
    Green ish water

    Will top water walking baits early in the morning be effective or a waste of time?

    Are bass after crawfish during July? Or do I need to put crawfish style baits away?

    During July are the fish sluggish because of warm water and does that mean I need to slow my retrieve down?
    I have so many questions can you help a brother out

  5. Plastic worms for sure! I haven't traveled enough to throw 10 inch worms but I've got the others with me all the time. Summer is typically dominated by Senko style worms, 7 1/2 inch Power Worms and a 6 inch straight tail Power Worm. Love the blue fleck and especially Tequila Sunrise and Red Shad. Pumpkin and motor oil have their situations too. I still use a Florida rig screw lock weight on the Power Worms like I learned in the 90s. Great video Ty

  6. Great tips as always. I'm a hardcore worm guy who's decided to try some new tactics. I've always been a bank beater, but started fishing offshore brushpiles this year as well. Question about color selection…. seems to me that black/blue fleck or junebug would be really good for deep water. If so I'll stick with those. Im really drawn to that plum color. What conditions do you fish it? Thanks.

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