The Growing (And Disturbing ) Division Among Bass Anglers

Randy has a philosophical conversation on bass fishing…#bassfishing #fishingdaily #bassmaster #bass #fishing #angler #catchandrelease #fish #fishinglife #fishingtrip #bass

Lake map breakdowns…


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  1. Over the last two years, you have caused as much division as anyone in bass fishing. I like most of your content on techniques and theories on bass but dude, live and let live just a little bit more on issues that don’t matter that much.

  2. Luv this video, You are very wise Randy.
    I agree with you about live scope, to me it takes the fun out of fishing, may as well fish in an aquarium.
    And hangon to your parents parents property if possible.

  3. Thanks Randy ! Yup, I agree 110 % . For me, personally, with bass fishing', I can not get in to "the fishing' zone" until I exhale. EXHALE in God's creation. The two are connected… I am sorry to hear what the G MAN said… 🙁 NOT COOL ! Maybe the two of you can talk about it… If so, I would think that all would be worked out.. Gosh, I have said many stupid things too… Keep up the good work.. BLESSINGS.. Don = 4REEL Fishin'

  4. I remember bass fishing in the 1970's – 1990's and we were a community and were eager to help and share things we learned. I'm wondering what happened in this country to make folks so angry and hostile, not just in the bass community either.

  5. Livescope has ruined our local bass club not fair to be used in a small local club not everyone has it or even wants it
    And your you big ringers who come to small local tournaments and win using livescope you should be ashamed of your win taking it form the little man. And to the tournament directors who allow this shame on you too.

  6. Great video and topic. I love bass fishing but I'm not a tourney bass fisherman; my boat is a multi-species Tracker with a walk-thru windshield, outfitted with a power pole and riptide saltwater trolling motor because I sometimes fish our bay but mainly fish freshwater bass. I wave to guys in their bass boats and they look the other way. I rarely get much acknowledgement from most guys in a bass boat, like I'm not part of the special fraternity they're in. I sometimes get a conversation at the ramp but not normally. They're very secretive in sharing information, which I get that, but I've always had great conversations with non-tourney anglers. I've also had guys in bass boats fish right on top of me, sometimes right next to me and they just look at me like "What?". But I also helped a guy in a beautiful Ranger who's motor wouldn't start. He initially asked me for a tow and I asked what was wrong; he said he didn't check his oil level and his engine quit. I keep a half gallon of oil on board and offered my spare oil and got him up and running. He wanted to give me money and I told him no worries, just helping him get running again was payment enough. His partner pushed a $20 bill into my buddy's hand. I told him it wasn't necessary and he said no, it was definitely a save the day moment for him and he thanked me. Felt pretty good to help him out.

  7. The only disagreement I have is when your fishing from the bank and the guys in the boats all crowd you like a pack of hungry raptors when they see you catch a bass. Other than that I have had plenty of good conversations with people that ask me what I’m using, but the main difference for me is how you do it. I think for me it’s the entitlement that certain people display. I also believe that if you have a boat and every time you launch it, you end up pulling up on an area that you see a bank angler catching fish at, then you should invest in a good pair of boots instead and stop rod blocking the bank anglers.😂😂😂 thanks for all the help though, I don’t think that bank anglers are able to catch all those fish without your contribution! But hey…. Just a heads up…. I heard they are catchin um by the dozen on the far side of the lake where I’m not able to get to because, you know, you got a boat and I don’t…..but what do I know? I’m only the guy that doesn’t have a boat to go explore the rest of the lake. But it’s O.K. Because see a boat isn’t in my budget but it was in yours! So maybe that means you thought about the gas it takes to fill it up. I mean that would be silly to think that you’re going to row it all the way. Even so, that trolling motor looks really nice! Is that a new battery? So what happened? Did the bank anglers just become your idols? Oh wait… you went with something flashy instead of something flashy because you thought the nice boat would help you catch fish not the 2$ spinnerbait…. Gotcha…. We need to work on y’all’s reasoning skills….

  8. I’m glad I’ve been able to just fish. What you said about the links to “the moment” and how you can’t do this without noticing what’s right in front of you and (hopefully?) be so thankful that a passion gives so much back.
    Great video.

  9. “Coming together as anglers” while you simultaneously diminish other angler’s skills and accomplishments because they use FFS is peak Randy logic. Swindle was right

  10. As someone that has spent the last 20 plus years fly fishing for wild trout I'll say this. I decided to try bass fishing last summer and fell in love with it. But you hit on it perfectly. I'm sorry but IMO most not all serious bass fisherman have totally lost the connection. I kayak fish and go to some pretty busy lakes and theres kind of always atleast a few assholes. You'd rarely experience that in the fly fishing world.

  11. So….. You literally have dozens of videos causing divisions with your holier than thou opinions. You come across as arrogant towards comments that disagree with you, but now everyone needs to do better and get along because you received a little push back from Swindle and others. Come on, man. Pick a lane.

  12. Randy you are absolutely right. I wish these guys would understand where we're coming from, in the long run the pan optics and live scoping is damaging the sport of fishing, finding fish everytime they get on the water, whether theyre biting or not (cause they always use that argument) by staring at a screen is bad. Those fish shouldn't be caught if you can't find structure and catch them. Specifically bass, if you arent fishing for food there's no need for it and no need for the technology.

  13. As soon as you said I fished with Trans people, I quit following.
    Maybe you need to fish with more Christian people. Pray for Trans, but fishing with them Godless mental people is too much.

  14. Well said Randy. I think social media has a lot to do with it also. Everyone wants to pretend they are the next best thing in bass fishing and film everything a post it to social media. I took a year off of social media and didn’t miss it for one day. Everyone wants to tell you how great they are instead of helping out someone else who might be struggling and it’s a shame how selfish people are becoming

  15. I live in between the Navajo Reservation, Lake Powell and awesome Colorado… instilling love and respect for all life is important, especially to the kids. We hook onto 12" fish all day long and only taking the best eats home to the family, the others I release they get to fight for another day. Some see that as cruel. But when I hook up a 20lb striper and catfish and lose em, they beat me. I lost they won, and I only wish that fish the very best em and hope we do the tango again. On that note, fishing barbless hooks in Glen Canyon HUMBLED me. This past weekend I lost 5 keeper trout right at my feet, I felt like crying. I question my capabilities as an angler. It hurt, but it wasn't in the cards…
    I'm not gonna quit, I guess I got stink going. Not nature's fault. I'm the one messing up, getting too complacent… pressured waters, idk 😢😂

  16. Complete truth, it even goes with what bass boat you own, if you own a Nitro or Triton you are looked down on by guys with Phoenix, Bass Cats, Ranger and you get an attitude from other anglers in tournaments . It's ridiculous!

  17. I fish seriously for money and for fun with family and friends. I promise you the tournament anglers are the worst. When it comes to comraderery and being social. Not all but most. I Try to spark a conversation and shoot the shit and they don't have time or to good to chat. I can go to lake on an off day for fun and talk to people all the way to the ramp and many times it's taken me over an hour to get on the water do to the conversations I've had with folks. Randy you nailed it great video.

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