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The Best WAY To Catch Bass? Summer Frog and Punching Tips

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  1. I want to punch so bad. Ive tried it on my 7'1" medium heavy. No super successfully. Got a couple but its not ideal at all. I agree with Kyle though. I love that medium heavy and relatively light braid for frogging. Cool video. I look forward to some punching content. Eventually i want a 7'6"- 7'11"ish heavy for punching. It can double as my giant swimbait rod.

  2. i really really want to catch a top water bass but i’ve never had a bass hit it. Soft plastics have never failed me either. always get one or two at the pond

  3. For me, it's 100% punching. I'll head as far as I can and just let the wind and the current move me down those big hydrilla flats. I'm using a 4/0 flipping hook with something like a Berkley Pit Boss or a Missile Baits D Bomb. I mean, as shallow as my home lakes are and as much vegetation and flooded brush as there is you could probably throw a frog. But why would you want to? 😉

  4. I stopped using regular style piping frogs. For past 2 years I only used Zmans popping frogz. Their they float great can't get water in them, they have way better hookup ratios because your basically throwing a weightless texas rig. Come over grass & cover easily. The legs even kick well if you wanna burn them like a toad. Only thing they don't do well is walking left/right. Last Saturday I caught a 7lb 4oz on poppin frogz then a 5lb 8oz on texas rig then an 8lb 6oz on 9" glide bait. It was the best day of bass fishing I've ever had!!! Frogs , texas rigs, & swimbaits are absolutely always tied on my gear

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