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Stay tuned as the boys send it down a tiny urban creek and crank on some fish! Comment below what you want to see us film next!

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  1. @googansquad… Hello, my name is Pancho and I just invented a new category of fishing lures and was wondering if the Googan Squad would be interested in discussing my idea further? They could be the name behind a new type/class of lure that is currently non-existent.

  2. Googan, can you have someone reach out to me as I have emailed you many times about an order I placed with you and have not received an awnser as to where it is. Your phones do not work and I cannot get ahold of anyone, I paid extra to have it delivered fast for a father's day present. My tracking number does not work and so I called usps and I was informed I was given the wrong number and as I can not get an awnser from anyone I'm wondering if I have been scammed by you as it was your official shop. My husband was a huge fan but i will not be ordering from you again. I spent over $100 and he had nothing for fathers day.

  3. That bass wasn’t that big I catch largies like that in creeks like in upstate ny all day… and compare ny state records for bass catching 3lb largies is way more impressive in New York in the south I feel like a decent bass has to be 5lb plus what’s the state record for that state 13 ? Or so pounds Ny is only 11lbs

  4. You guys are awesome sportsman love watching all Googan Squad videos,no matter what you guys are fishing for you are there for each other in the end Keep up the Awesome videos.

  5. I regularly catch 1-2 lb largemouth bass, gar up to 15-20lbs, and of course bluegill,longear sunfish, green sunfish and all of the various hybrids in my local creek plus white bass during the spawn.

  6. Cool quote I found on BassResource that might be relevant to the dead fish in the creek:

    “The weirdest fish kills I have seen on more than one occasion are pudgy 3-5" bluegill, dead after recent rains which raise the level of some southern ponds. Fire ants. Rain, pond rises, fire ant mounds are flooded, fire ants float in balls on water's surface, bluegill attack and eat them. The bluegill thought they hit the motherlode of a smorgasbord. The poisons from these imported insects kill the bluegill from the inside. Perfectly healthy looking, fat bluegills, dead along the pond's shoreline with surprisingly fat tummies.

    But, the number one reason for fish kills in private waters in North America is due to water quality degradation. Most of the time, we can point the finger of blame directly at ourselves. People allow water to degrade… usually without knowing it.”

    Kinda sucked reading the last bit, but it makes me wonder what happened even more.

  7. Love watching ur vid,s😃😍

    Some run to long for me..3kids an bit,s to do..💪..

    Hitting the wells catfish 200lbs river Ebro Spain..😃..

    HAD to watch this one..😍👍

  8. You have to be careful. My uncle is from Bama and he was doing creek fishing. He stepped in an underwater water moccasin nest. He got bit 37 times. He is no longer with us gob bless him. Please be careful

  9. 1 rod. Bro you should call local surveyor to get out here and see what's wrong with this creek. lojo, yeah my guy, I'll get right on that😂. If I was one Rod I would have been like, whatever bro, I don't live here, you can continue to fish the creek of dead fish and let whatever's goin on kill all the waterways connected. John B. Came across something similar and actually did do something about it. In an area nowhere near where he stays. That's a man that truly cares about the nation's fisheries

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