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The BEST Technique for FLORIDA Bass Fishing! (Zoom Speed Worm)

The best technique for florida bass fishing has to be the zoom speed worm! The zoom ultravibe speed worm is an awesome bait for florida bass fishing as it is super weedless and can be fished through anything! I learned how to fish the zoom speed worm in florida and actually adapted it to my northeast fishing as well and started catching even more bass! Learn all the zoom speed worm tips in today’s video and try this technique on your local body of water and see if it catches you more fish!

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Zoom Speed Worm:

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  1. Oh no!! The secret is out! I love a uvibe speed worm. Such an underrated bait but so versatile. Its nothing fancy but catches fish. You can use as search bait, target, burn as top water, fish the entire water column. For me in clearer water, green pumpkin or watermelon red all day. If bluegill are around then a little chartreuse on the tail is fire. Again great info Nathan.

  2. Thanks Nathan. Great lure, I use them alot. They also work on shaky heads and are a great trailer for chatterbaits and spinnerbaits, cut shorter of course. I hope your enjoying Florida!

  3. I love that you didn't edit out the backlash, it only happens to me every once in awhile but I always feel like I'm the only one because you never see that on fishing videos. most everyone else won't show that. LOL

  4. Love the video Nathan. I’m in Florida for the next two months and didn’t have the success I was hoping for last year. Keep up the Florida videos full of tips and tricks and maybe, just maybe my luck will be better this year.

  5. Another great speed worm is the Bass Assassin RSB worm. It’s a little more beefy when you want a bigger profile. Also Gambler reissued the Ninja Spin spinnerbait which is good option for grass flats. Enjoy your time in Florida and God Bless.

  6. Mmmmm I would have to throw a weightless fluke around there also. Wish I was on the back of the boat with you .Be safe catch em up.Thank you Nate

  7. love how informative and how much knowledge u give out, but do you think there is anyway u can start a series of u just going fishing for the biggest bag possible? would love to see you break thee 30LB mark on camera. much love👍

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