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THE BEST Summertime Square Bill COLORS for Bass

THE BEST Summertime Square Bill Crankbait COLORS

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  1. Thank you, Jacob, for explaining the situations that you would throw these and why….Videos like this help anglers like us that do not do this for a living…Nice collection by the way…

  2. At lake of the Ozarks I have the best luck with old school chrome on the points and just before the 1st dock in the cove. On Morse in Indiana, I use Ott’s citrus shad and and hit a couple dozen on that. ( the quality is sooo much better at LOTO size wise)

  3. I've been using one I paint that is very similar to the bruised citrus shad. I use a pearl platinum color instead of silver and man it puts off a good hue & catches fish!

  4. Firetiger colors are money in stained water or cloudy days.
    Yellow Perch color or Trout are great for clear and sunny days. Catches Bass, Crappie, Pickerel and Yellow Perch.

  5. Do you have success with the bruised dt6 blue and black craw pattern? Works here up north for some reason wondering if it’s a color used down south. Congratulations to the entire team huge win for Adrian, as a fan love the stories and the looks y’all give us behind the scenes it’s awesome not another professional sport where fans have this type of access and it’s truly special and appreciated. The fishing community is special in general. We understand what you guys go through don’t doubt that and it means a whole lot to all of us that you guys allow us to be a part of your dreams coming true. Happens to someone most weekends during the season and as fans who pay attention I consider us very lucky. At 20 I may have said ding!!! for life 20 years later I’ll just say thank you.

  6. Do you know anyone who makes a khaki colored crank bait – hands down BEST color I’ve ever fished.
    The old bandits – 100, 200 or 300 – but they don’t make them any longer. Thanks!!!

  7. i call bs…i highly doubt you use dick's sporting goods garbage.. i think you would know the colore names and not have to look a t the pkg…EVERYONE knows the color names that work for them; YOU JUST DON"T FORGET THAT but you did…busted

  8. I bought a blue back shad after watching a video by another pro and have NEVER caught a bass on it. Said thing is that I still carry it in my boat.
    I like your explanations on where and when to use each bait. Thumbs up for sure.

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