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Easy Worm TRICKS That Drive Bass Crazy In The Summer

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  1. I can concur with Cortiana on the swing head with a big worm. My oldest son landed a post spawn 5 pounder a couple of days ago with that setup. "Go big, or go home!"

  2. That man said, idk why, don't ask me and just do it πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I don't think I've thrown a U tail since I was a kid. Guess I'll have to grab a couple packs πŸƒ Great video Jimi!

  3. Thanks for the video. The smaller worm is real. In March I was throwing everything I had every plastic hard bait spinnerbait everything. Towards the end I was like You know just give me a powerworm just give me a regular power worm have that on Texas rig like my dad used to do. I'd be damned if On the second and third cast I caught two bass that were at least 3 to 4 lb fish.

  4. Worm fishing is my favorite way to fish and my most confident bait. I have worm rods rigged for different sizes to go tomorrow. Good video…especially about different sizes being important.

  5. Wonder if anyone is throwing a BIG 12” Manns jelly worm?
    Younger anglers/kids may have never even heard of that worm. Lol
    I’m sure few fish today have seen it.
    Which may make it a viable option.

  6. That big worm on that swing head would get so bogged down and stuck in the grass at my lake, I'd have fits retrieving it! I'd spend 90% of the day pulling weeds off of it.

  7. You give me a brown jig and a pack of stickbait worms and I can fish any body of water in North America and have success. To me, summer means big wormin' in deeper water. Anything over 10 inches is what I'm looking for. I rig it on a 6/0 hook with a 3/8 oz weight on 17 lb test fluoro and I'm good to go.

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