The Best Kept July Bass Fishing Secret…

Randy talks about the mayfly hatch… #bassmaster #angler #fishingdaily #fish #fishing #fish #bassfishing #bass #fishingtrip

Lake map breakdowns….

Baitwrx pop max link..


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  1. They actually hatch out on the bottom of the lake, swim up, then they have to allow their wings to dry before they can take flight. Then that’s when they go attach themselves to overhanging limbs.

  2. Back when I was a kid having to walk the banks of Bay Springs and Pickwick… I would find a tree loaded with mayflies..
    If I threw a Rooster Tail i was guaranteed to catch some bass!

  3. I think I read that mayflies, once you found them will pretty much hatch from the same areas year after year. Is this true? You mentioned the whole lake system

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