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CRAZY Musky Fishing Lure Catches BIG BASS!

CRAZY Musky Fishing Lure Catches BIG BASS!

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  1. U can dif smoke some big bass with that pike I had a once in a life time bass smoke a14 15" pick in south Jersey I've got 8 9lbers and this thing was bigger then that but lost him at the boat I wanted to cry

  2. 😂 tall calling those large baits try some lbers or go to a shop that actually has a selection like the musky shop Ohio river outdoors etc. and yea musky can be 10,000 casts one day the next you end up with 15 different fish following up to the boat. And dang that’s a tiny dusa. And you’d be surprised what will hit the big lures have had a maybe 1lb bass hit a 10” trout glide bait in an area with musky that gets stocked with trout

  3. Okay I knew you would catch fish with this stuff because I go Muskie fishing (in Wisconsin) and I will get bass on my stuff(sorry about not watching this sooner)

  4. That’s a tank that’s like a dream bass for me I can’t even find one pounders in the part of wv I live in my pb is out a stock pond no scale but it definitely wasn’t bigger then 2-3lbs by watching all ur videos lol

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