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The Best Fishing Lures In March For Beginners

Spring is here and before you go to the lake you need to determine which lures are suitable for your fishing style and the type of lake you are fishing!

Bass are starting to move into shallower waters to get ready for the spawn. Fishing during the month of March can reward you with some of the best days of the year!

In today’s video Bass Fishing Declassified team members Randy Blaukat & Jimi Easterling share their top lures they like to go with during the month of March. In the video they explain areas, retrieves, and structure to target.

Randy’s Gear
Randy’s Channel:
Megabass LBO 110 Max:
Zoom Z-Craw Jr:
Megabass S-crank 2.0:
Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon:
Megabass Magdraft 8 inch:
Valor Baits Randy Blaukat’s Old School Jig:

Jimi’s Gear
6th Sense Carolina Pre Rig:
Gamakatsu EWG 3/0 Hook:
6th Sense Flush 5.2:
Berkley Stunna 112:
6th Sense Provoke 106 DD:
Big Bite Bait Jerkbait:
Z-man Big blade Chatterbait:
Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog:
Gamakatsu Ring EWG Hook:

Waterland Sunglasses:
Use Jimi’s fan code JE15 to get 15% off of any products at

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  1. I tell you what, I've been putting a stickbait on the hover rig and just absolutely killing it! It skips so easily back underneath brush and it's actually replaced a neko rig for me. Caught an absolute GIANT ( 7+ pounds) on it today!

  2. I'll have to make sure and give the Carolina rig another shot this year. I seem to have drifted away from it. I was very surprised neither of you mentioned a spinner Bait.

  3. Hi Jimi. I learn a lot from FTM and this channel. You mentioned about becoming a member of BASS FISHING DECLASSIFIED. How do you become a member? I can’t find any info on your page. Thanks for all you and the FTM TEAM are doing to help us become better fisherman.

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