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Lake Hartwell March Kayak Bass Fishing – Mary Ann Branch Access – Prespawn Bass Fishing

In today’s video, I visit Mary Ann Branch Boat Ramp on Lake Hartwell for early spring pre-spawn March kayak bass fishing. The day’s plan is to work on my lures for Lake Murray. Hartwell and Murray can fish very similarly so today was a casual float-around and junk fish type of day. I set out to start at the mouth of the big creek just south of the ramp and work back into the points. The most successful fishing was at Buzzard’s Roost with some on the secondary points. Not a great day fishing, but I have had worse. It needs to pick up on 3/18 though.

The Owner’s ball jig with Keitech Easy Shiner won the day but the SPRO Rockcrawler and Aruku Shad 75 found fish.

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0:00 Intro
1:09 Fish
1:53 Fish
3:25 Fish
4:42 Fish
6:57 Outro

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  1. I have an anchor wizard on my hobie. I use it for my front anchor. Don't use it on the lake much but I used it in the river the one time when I took the hobie. It worked well. keep casting dude.

  2. Man it's always good to see you out on the kayak brother. I say you had a good day on the water. You was catching some fish out there which is better than nothing. Keep up the good work brother.

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