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The Account Is Definitely Open! Lure Fishing For Bass With Soft Plastic Lures

The Bass Account is definitely OPEN!
In this video we go lure fishing for bass with soft plastic lures and if you have seen any of my previous lure fishing videos, I am a surface lure junkie!
This year I have concentrated more on lure fishing for bass with soft plastic lures, namely the Fishus espetit Soft shad in pro blue which you can find here ..
I am absolutely loving the soft plastic game!!

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  1. Great vid as usual, second spot you fished in harbour holds some nice fish but as you found out is virtually unfishable , tried a couple of times but have given up , so frustrating as been stood there with bass showing everywhere.

  2. Loving the videos Wayne – stumbled across them yesterday and now watched several. Only being a very occasional angler looking forward to a trip down to Chesil with my dad and brother next month, think I might try a variety of lures whilst down there.

  3. Great vid. Love your enthusiast commentary 👍🏻Went to a spot the other morning at 5am,Always seems so perfect, fish touching surface quiet, tranquility- great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Keep em coming. (Let’s hope this summer produces so decent keepers) as well as some challenges and satisfying sport. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  4. Excellent video, really enjoyed watching and your comments, it sucks!, you question your ability! that's how I felt last week, but you always pick yourself up for your next outing. My wife thinks I'm a bit obsessed with Bass fishing 😂, tight lines 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

  5. You are so lucky! I've only got one bass on lure so far.
    I go back to that area and haven't got another since.
    Would love to get a keeper 😅
    However I recently purchased Marc cowlings book on lure fishing for bass so I'm hoping that'll change things for me.
    Great video and some lovely fish!

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