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The 3 Best Ways to Fish a Ned Rig – Bass Fishing

When you can’t get a bite while bass fishing pull out a Ned Rig. Here are the three best ways to fish one.
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Line – Seaguar Smackdown – http://bit.ly/2Ikzpe2
Leader – Seaguar BasiX – https://bit.ly/381xK9L
Lure – Jighead – ZMan Shroomz 1/10oz – http://bit.ly/2mXfaZWShroomz
ZMan Finesse TRD – http://bit.ly/2mv4ELv
Missile Baits – Ned Bomb – https://bit.ly/37VVThZ
ZMan TRD Craw – https://bit.ly/3giq9Im
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  1. Gene mentioned he uses 1/10oz Ned Jigs. The rod he’s using, 13 Fishing 7-3 Med, has a lure rating of 1/4oz-5/8oz. Isn’t 1/10oz lighter than 1/4oz and therefore, the 1/10oz Ned Jig is too light for that rod? If I am thinking way too deep into this, someone please correct me because I’m trying to figure out which spinning rod with the correct lure rating I can use for Ned Rig fishing. Thanks.

  2. Ok so when you mentioned the fg knot I went to learn it. Its pretty simple. But im finding that the fluorocarbon is breaking off because the braid is digging into it. You ever have similar experience ?

  3. Great info as usual. Only thing I would disagree with is not fishing a Ned rig with a baitcaster. I do it all the time with great success even with a heavy fast rod and 12 lb test with no issues at all. Caught a 5 pounder last month on this setup using the Strike King Ned Cut-R.

  4. I have to admit. Sometimes I do feel as dumb as a football bat! But thanks gene for all these lessons. Hoping to catch my first bass soon

  5. Let’s go fishing. There’s a lake in Indiana with big bass, but I’ve been skunked 3 days already. I’m fairly new, but have caught the fever. I’ll pay for it if you’re open to it. πŸ’ͺ

  6. You mention 8 lb test being optimal max for fishing this, is that for both leader and main line or just leader line? I've got 15lb test on a reel that I just spooled up, would love to use that for ned without respooling.

  7. Not only did I learn the ned rig but now I know the saying β€œ you’re about as dumb as a football bat β€œβ˜οΈπŸ˜‚

  8. I recently introduced my wife to bass fishing (I’ve taken her out twice) and she’s already looking to get her own gear. Picking her up a spinning rod this week. Being fairly new to it myself, I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  9. As you were demonstrating the first technique I tried it and caught my first large mouth with it. Just tried it today. You were playing in the background. Lol thanks

  10. Always so simple and clear when explaining things specially new fisherman like it is my case, I really appreciate it. Btw that background looks like Lanier, GA. Is it? Regards.

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