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The 3 Best Ways to Fish a Ned Rig – Bass Fishing

When you can’t get a bite while bass fishing pull out a Ned Rig. Here are the three best ways to fish one.
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  1. I've been strictly a walleye/crappie/muskie angler most of my life, usually on a annual trip to Canada. My local lake in Missouri is Bass/bluegill so I figured i'd give bank bass fishing a try, found your channel about a week ago, after a couple of hours bass fishing for the first time with no luck, I remembered this video and sure enough caught my first bass within 5 minutes of tossing on a ned rig!

  2. Dude… this video was a game changer for my son and I. Went out yesterday, after three trips getting completely skunked, fished the ned rig, landed seven smallies and had many more drive-bys and hits. Son and I were stoked! Thank you!

    P.S. – I dig that you made these videos initially to help your scouts. I grew up in the scout program, spent five years on staff in high school and three years as a cub master and man, such good times!

  3. I used the FG knot for years, and I finally had to get away from it. I was losing leaders all the time, trying to unsnag. Modified Albright knot is freaking amazing. And, you can actually use a larger diameter leader then the braid with this knot if you want to. I use 8 pound braid to 10 pound fluorocarbon leader. Can’t beat it.

  4. Gene mentioned he uses 1/10oz Ned Jigs. The rod he’s using, 13 Fishing 7-3 Med, has a lure rating of 1/4oz-5/8oz. Isn’t 1/10oz lighter than 1/4oz and therefore, the 1/10oz Ned Jig is too light for that rod? If I am thinking way too deep into this, someone please correct me because I’m trying to figure out which spinning rod with the correct lure rating I can use for Ned Rig fishing. Thanks.

  5. Great info as usual. Only thing I would disagree with is not fishing a Ned rig with a baitcaster. I do it all the time with great success even with a heavy fast rod and 12 lb test with no issues at all. Caught a 5 pounder last month on this setup using the Strike King Ned Cut-R.

  6. Let’s go fishing. There’s a lake in Indiana with big bass, but I’ve been skunked 3 days already. I’m fairly new, but have caught the fever. I’ll pay for it if you’re open to it. 💪

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