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How to Catch a Bass on a Jig – Bass Fishing

Do you want to catch a bass on a jig? Here is a video that will help your confidence in jig fishing and help you catch big bass on one.
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  1. My issue is on the gear since im not confident and great with baitcasters prefer spinning setups if possible and price but learned some new stuff here

  2. That's a great advice , fish with only a jig for a few times. I would get discouraged and go back to a worm. Just because I know I can catch something. I'm still learning how to fish with a jig. So I will take your advice.

  3. I like fishing jigs in rocky rivers with current. You can get hung up a bit but I catch some nice spotted bass on those. Football jig with a crawfish trailer. Bounce it off the rocks and hold on for the fight.

  4. I've caught so many fish on these!! I fish reservoirs, don't know if that counts lol but I do pretty good with these 2 baits. Thanks for the tips you made me decide to try them

  5. Very informative but it seems very regional in nature. The bodies of water where I fish are nothing like where he is, we have hard water in the winter not 50 Degree temps. Also, there are so many modifications needed to the jig it is a wonder why the manufactures are not selling them like this. I do have some jigs that were given to me and this has given me enough insight to give them a try.

  6. Where I do most of my fishing a jig in peanut butter and jelly with a purple netbait paca chunk and it's very productive on bass. I also use black and blue and if the water is stained I use a white jig with a strike king white lobster trailer or a black jig and a red lack fork craw trailer very good in dirty water.

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