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How to Catch a Bass on a Jig – Bass Fishing

Do you want to catch a bass on a jig? Here is a video that will help your confidence in jig fishing and help you catch big bass on one.
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  1. I like fishing jigs in rocky rivers with current. You can get hung up a bit but I catch some nice spotted bass on those. Football jig with a crawfish trailer. Bounce it off the rocks and hold on for the fight.

  2. I've caught so many fish on these!! I fish reservoirs, don't know if that counts lol but I do pretty good with these 2 baits. Thanks for the tips you made me decide to try them

  3. Very informative but it seems very regional in nature. The bodies of water where I fish are nothing like where he is, we have hard water in the winter not 50 Degree temps. Also, there are so many modifications needed to the jig it is a wonder why the manufactures are not selling them like this. I do have some jigs that were given to me and this has given me enough insight to give them a try.

  4. I dont understand why a bass would bit a jig thats dragging the bottom.. they suppose jam their face into the rocks to bite the jig? Seems unlikely

  5. Where I do most of my fishing a jig in peanut butter and jelly with a purple netbait paca chunk and it's very productive on bass. I also use black and blue and if the water is stained I use a white jig with a strike king white lobster trailer or a black jig and a red lack fork craw trailer very good in dirty water.

  6. So I have a new 7-3 heavy baitcasting rod and a 7.5.1 ratio reel. Jig would be good but What other baits do you suggest and you would suggest 20 pound fluorocarbon for line?

  7. Jig fishing sucks. It just does… It gets hung up and grassy. Specifically down here.. id rather drop my wacky worm down

  8. I dont understand people when they say jig fishing is difficult, it's one of the easiest things I've ever caught fish on, I literally just went out today and fished for the first time this year and caught a 3 and a 4 pound small mouth on my second and third cast lol. and honestly that's how it's been ever since I first started using them. You just either toss it out and reel it, or you let it sit and slowly hop it or drag it.

  9. I appreciate how you really went into explaining the retrieve. So many videos talk about which bait to use and when, but fail to talk about how to work the bait. Thanks.

  10. Most times when im fishing with a jig i drag it on bottom with a jerk motion in every now and then. Have great luck doin it that way. Caught my pb that way. Still looking for other tips and tricks tho.

  11. Good, informative video. Headed up to KY/Barkley lakes for a KBF fishing tourney 19-21 October. Not sure which lake, leaning towards KY Lake. Searching Fishing Hotspots maps, Googleearth, and other media to get an inkling of where to start. Appreciate your video…… to find a starting location and backup’s.

  12. I'm not saying jigs aren't good, but your completely over selling it. When looking at state records jigs are one of the least common baits listed. Literally just making baseless claims bc you like them. Just be honest.

  13. when i started fishing a jig i had no idea that it was supposed to be hard or that i shouldnt have confidence in it to start…. and i simply just caught fish… I think people spend to much time reading on the internet and get their own head… nothing harder about jig fishing than anything else

  14. this is WAY too complicated. Could have been a 2 min video. Some people are too concerned with gear. You don't need a special rod and reel to fish a jig. I catch bass on jigs all the time with a shitty $20 Walmart rod/reel. Just tie a Ned Rig on there and go for it.

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