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The #1 LURE To Catch Bass – Texas Rig Fishing 101

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  1. Texas rig is definitely my confidence bait which is why I'm more patient with it. When all else fails I always fall back on it. I like the skin hook idea. Good video.

  2. I’ve experimented different ways to Texas rig baits and the way randy does it is by far the best to get hookups. And I never knew about putting your finger under the line to feel bites 😂 thanks guys!

  3. I have tried a lot of different stuff the last few years. Getting caught up in the latest and greatest. This year I have fished the t rig about %75 after the spawn. It straight up catches. 1’ to 20’. Ole monster and mag trick worm.

  4. I was once told that more fish have been caught on a Texas rig than all other types of baits and presentations…combined. Considering my own personal success, I tend to believe that. I always have at least one tied on and I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to Texas rig baits that aren't designed for it. Like the hover rig.

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