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Ben Milliken Fishing Confrontation on Wheeler Lake! (Ben Milliken vs Matt Pangrac)

Ben Milliken discusses his confrontation on Wheeler Lake with Matt Pangrac on Bass Talk Live as he continues his pursuit of the top anglers in the Bass Master Opens. There was a bit of controversy regarding some possible “Hole Buzzards” during the recent tournament at Wheeler Lake. Matt Pangrac and Milliken recently had a conversation where they expressed their side to the “Hole Buzzard” mishap on Bass Talk Live. This video contains a few clips from the recent interview. There are some valuable lessons in their conversation that shows communication can go a long way in the stressful world of competitive bass fishing.

Hole Buzzards Full livestream

The link to the full interview is is here: Matt Pangrac & Ben Milliken full interview


Milliken Fishing Wheeler video.
Competitors CASTING OVER ME and I still CRUSHED them!

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  1. Boring. You guys are proving dock owners and local fisherman's right. ProAnglers are some of the biggest cry babies and complainers. You want to be on the spot first, then pay your entry fee first. Hey boat 1 Buy you a 300 are 250 and get there first. Thats always have been the rule.

  2. The bottom line is this. A lot of people think they can become rich and famous fishing bass tournaments. Especially guys who want to be a professional and present fishing pros. There's more aarogrant people fishing now than I've ever seen. And livescope 360 etc plays a part in it. Rather you like it are not.

  3. Matt had the right to be there but their friends ben goes on his platform and supports him and helps get him views he has never spent any time on that hole he wasn’t in contention he literally only caught 10 pounds the day before and ben had the chance to do something unheard of extremely extremely special in his first season he was only 1 pound out of second-place 2 pounds out of 1st Place Matt could’ve backed off and actually block the hole for him and helped him and then once he got there help set up together and fish it together but instead he went at it by himself and set up right on top of the fish and ruined it for everyone

  4. All you tournament boys…. cry babies!!LMFAO!! " Oh I couldn't catch my fish today"…"Boo hoo can't make my boat payment boo hoo".😅 Over 75% Of the fishermen who think their pros are so leveraged they can't afford to quit!😮😂😂😂😂

  5. This is why there is a flip flop on draw numbers. That way they both have a shot. Panger did nothing wrong. He was courteous enough to tell Ben and offered to share the spot. They hashed it out like men. If they aren’t mad, then no one should be.

  6. I know all about hole buzzards. The guides on Lake X follow me around. When ever I catch big bass all the locals follow me around for about 3 weeks. I also fish offshore most of the year. The nice thing about offshore is you have to fish the spot on the spot. Plus you have to be there at the right time. It doesn't bother me if a hole buzzards fish near my offshore spots. They don't have the knowledge to find the spot on the spot, or have historical data for the right time to fish it.

  7. I can’t believe people are fighting over 67th place spot? I don’t think anyone was jumping Keith’s dam. I pattern fish in shallow water and never have this kind of problem. I’m generally not anywhere for long and on to the next place. Have fun looking at that screen! The idea that Ben was ever in contention to win that event seems like a stretch? And if you are fishing the same place as Matt you’re in trouble.

  8. You guys cry about somebody being on your spot that's one of the reasons that they draw a boat number so if your late one day getting out there to a spot maybe on the next day you get an earlier number and can get to the better spot. Reminder they are fishing for MONEY not fun they got boat payments, truck payments, house payments. And this crap about well you were way down the leader board, well if I get on the good spot and get a 30lb bag now you're back in the top 10. Just remember it's about money.

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