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Texas fishing guide catches 8th heaviest largemouth bass in state history

A lake about an hour east of San Angelo has become one of the hottest bass fishing lakes in the U.S., and maybe even the world. For several years, O.H. Ivie Lake has consistently produced some of the biggest bass in Texas but last week, fishing guide Jason Conn landed a “historic” catch. Conn, of Anna, a city north of Dallas, reeled in a 17.03-pound largemouth bass — the eighth-heaviest largemouth bass ever caught in Texas — on Feb. 15 at O.H. Ivie Lake.


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  1. 17lbs. That ain't about anything. I kid, that's amazing. I was worried this baby was going to end up on a wall. Sounds like that is not the case, but then again, they didn't say if she would be released after spawning.

  2. He seems pretty sure that that God didn't put that bass there for one of his clients…lol yeah you can definitely teach someone how to use livescope with them having the rod and reel. I would have been super pissed if I paid you to take me out to catch some nice bass and you seen one that was so nice you weren't going to let me catch it.

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