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Summer French Broad River Smallmouth Kayak Bass Fishing!

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In today’s video, I will be floating the French Broad river for smallmouth bass! Fishing the French Broad river for smallmouth bass is one of the best things to do around Asheville North Carolina! The French broad river kayaking scene is a big community and friendly toward kayakers. There are many launching locations for kayaks on the french broad river bent creek river park being the most popular. River kayak fishing especially river bass fishing is one of my favorite things to do. River smallmouth bass fishing is something that you should try if you have not already. Smallmouth bass fishing is one of my favorite hobbies to do in the warmer months, especially on the french broad river. French Broad river fishing for bass is well known in the area to have giant river smallmouth and can be very rewarding especially if you’re persistent. The french broad river flows through Asheville NC and has some good early spring bass fishing. The French Broad River in North Carolina has an excellent population of smallmouth bass in the river and is some of the best sections of the french broad river smallmouth fishing. The french broad river is best when fished around and has some excellent fishing opportunities. Smallmouth river fishing is very rewarding compared to lakes because it seems like the smallmouth bass fight harder. If you haven’t already, make sure you smash that subscribe button and follow me on Instagram for more fishing-related content! I post river kayak videos for smallmouth bass, and smallmouth bass fishing tips and I try my best to teach you how to catch smallmouth bass! Also, let me know if you enjoyed the video and if you have fished the french broad river for smallmouth bass before!

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