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Summer Bass Fishing – BIG BASS!

How to Catch Bass In The Summer. Summer Bass Fishing Setup / Rig. How To Hook Live Bait. Bass Fishing With Live Bait.
Folks today, we go bass fishing on this hot summer day! I share my Setup / Rig as well as a few tips on catching summer bass! I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Hey bud! Thanks so much for your vid's. I recently moved into the area you fish. You've been a great help getting me adjusted to the new conditions and fish down here. Love your presentations brother, you make fishin' fun for all! Keep up the great work.

  2. I tried your tip on soaking new line. Submerged it for 10 days, loaded it up and fished. Outstanding the way it came off the spool and no excess coiling or wind knots. How did I fish all these years without knowing that? You are the man…..appreciate all that you do!

  3. Richard gene cat fishing Machine bluegill catcher crappie popping beer drinking bass assassin Elmo joking that’s it folks ☝️🥃🍺❤️😂🇺🇸✝️💣

  4. I fished with shiners a lot in the last month and caught quite a few bass with them. One morning a limit (10) in less than 10 minutes. Had a young bass fisherman watching from another boat shaking his head in disbelief . He had no idea you could do that with shiners. he couldn't get one on the hook with his plastics.

  5. I did that exact same thing this mornin' …Caught some wild shiners while brim fishin' and hooked a couple up and caught some bass. Ain't nothin' like it!

  6. Yesterday I used your balloon trick with some extra large river minnows and caught my new PB largemouth. With as hot as its been here in Oklahoma there is no way that minnow would have stayed active as long as he did. The fishy just couldn't stand for that minnow to hang out in his face that long.Thanks for the tips and tricks and you sir are a fisherman second to none.

  7. You do the best videos on YouTube. I look forward to seeing your videos, and getting the information that you give. You are a great fisherman even if it was an off day for you. Where I probably couldn't catch anything, you have the knowledge to make a few bite.

  8. As always, great video!! thanks for the dedication,, by the way,, Your "Chuck Taylors is still rocking!" Like to ask a favor,, can you get Elmo to sing a little something for everybody??? Thanks Mr. Gene! God Bless…

  9. Tend that cold, Richard. Once again, showing us all how it’s done! Great video as always. I can’t tell you how honored I am to see you use that rod! Thank you.

  10. Sitting here in the boat catfish, eating a pork chop and baked potato and watching the machine put on a bass catching clinic….. you damn right it's good for ya!!!!!

  11. That bass liked to wore you out , like how you play them for 5 minutes before landing them .
    Better to catch them quickly and not totally wear them out before releasing them , or they can be weakened and become food for a bigger predator fish !

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