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Striped Bass Fishing from the Rocks!! (Rockport, Massachusetts)

I take you guys with me to the coast of Massachusetts to do some saltwater fishing from the rocks! There are some BIG fish in these waters this time of year, and we throw some BIG baits to try to catch them. This is my first time ever doing some Massachusetts fishing , but I could not be happier with the outcome. I did not expect for this to happen..

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! At the time of this upload we just passed 448,400 I’m having so much fun making these videos, lets keep this rolling!

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Let me know if you guys like these saltwater jetty fishing videos! I have a lot of fun with these and the saltwater fishing challenge videos. Do you like saltwater fishing? Striped bass fishing and jetty fishing is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to fish. Lmk if you’d want to see more videos like this!


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  1. This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever posted , if y’all enjoyed please hit that thumbs up button for the algorithm , I’m getting a lot of messages saying people aren’t getting shown the videos!

  2. Hey I have a question for you sir! Is there an email or anything I can talk to you on? I’m heading there for vacation this Sunday coming up and would to ask some questions if possible.

  3. Beating the hell out of the fish on those rocks…and that release is terrible. The stripper population is hurting enough without these kinds of practices.

  4. Love Going Rock fishing with my Pops We be going out to Rhode Island 🏝 areas I’ve Caught Black Sea Bass , Crappie , striper , flounder it’s so cool

  5. Love this man, living the dream, fishing, traveling the country, and spreading the good vibes, you let me know next time your in eastern mass, I'll show you were to bring that old town, all I ask is to let me go fishing with you haha can put you on a good camping spot too

  6. Also with wind throw if you can back to wind. If wind comes towards me to go slightly below waist level alittle less line out keeping cast straight side arm casting hard an directly straight if sadly wind comes towards you an u have no opinion. Sadly wind will come towards you an your trying to go with direction of current. With current say going to left of u wind towards you will cause a modest whirlpool affect in current cast straight hard an direct if wind blows towards you. Some instance you may end up with only 4 inches of line so line doesn't bow an cause issue

  7. I'll admit I'm at fault for staying in a spot longer than 3 casts. I need to implement the fact of moving after 3 casts. Important for me to remember to use a streamline 3/4 to 1oz lure side arm casting when windy. Generally I I need to remember to throw lure direction of current. Going against the current won't work an presents lure un natural. I know stupid mistakes I should know better 😂

  8. In hawaii we have this special shoes called tubbies im sure you heard of em but it makes it way easier to run and walk on slippery rocks without slipping. Trust me its way easier when youre fighting a big fish

  9. Love this! Your youthful enthusiasm was fun to watch! Saying 'haven't eaten or sat down all day but don't want to leave' is something I bet many here can relate to here. I'm now on vacation in Caraquet New Brunswick fishing only the second time for Stripers and I caught one the most unconventional way ever! I was casting early morning and see a floater in the distance moving parallel to shore. It comes bit closer and after 3 casts I am able to hook into the old line. Fish takes off immediately and does some powerful runs and after a couple minutes I have a 25 incher on shore. No joke, crazy eh!! Tried to get the hook out to release it but unfortunately couldn't even though barbless (that's the law here). Person had used a circle hook (which I never use) and it was just too deep. So ended up keeping it and now have enough filets to easily feed 5 people. Another fishing story for my archives. Tight lines all, take care! 😊

  10. I might go tomorrow to rockport Gloucester is awesome town
    Rockport is a dry town no sale of alcohol because back in the 1700s the husbands would always be at the bar after fishing for work so the woman burned the bar down

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