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Strange Sightings and Big Bass

Strange Sightings and Big Bass on a small mountain lake in east Tennessee. I never expected to see a squirrel swimming across the lake, also where the big bass I caught was interesting.

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  1. Never saw a squirrel swimming before. That was amazing. That tail looked like it might have been acting like floatation since all the hair in it is hollow.

  2. Would love to see you and Chris talk fishing and telling some good stories by the fire. Always good times sadly they built over all me and my buddies old fire pit spots

  3. Wonderful feeling being out in God's creation,,catching fish& soaking everything else in! Prayers I'm fighting cancer,on my 4th chemo treatment, more to come,but I believe I a healing coming& ill be back in my kayak,being blessed again! Thanks for video, it puts me there !

  4. #1K+πŸ‘πŸ» (I've been on the road) πŸ›ΆπŸŽ£πŸ‘€

    You caught and cooked your own fish?

    Someones getting all bougie in their later years. πŸ˜‚

  5. That’s interesting. I fished a tournament earlier in the year and I only caught one fish. It was caught on a random Christmas tree in the middle of the lake.

  6. @ 5:36 refreshing how genuinly excited your reaction is, that's why I like this channel , congrats on the amazing real content ! always feels like I'm fishing with you

  7. A very successful day on the water.
    Very nice bass off of that log.
    Three cheers for the Yum Dinger. Definitely got the job done today.
    Scenery was breath taking.
    Not to mention a little comedy break with the squirrel swimming. He was moving right along.

  8. John, I looked through the comments trying not to ask question over and over again. I also check the list above to see the behind you or the back camera setup.. It looks like you have two cameras mounted. Can you give me more details on your setup? So I tried that for the first time in my last video, and I found that the audio was not good. I am using just a action camera, I haven't made it to big YouTuber yet so using a cheaper camera, that could be some of the issue. I wanted to added a mic but I am using the port for my battery pack and can't connect the mic… Thanks for the Great Videos I look forward to them every time I see them post. The best part you are sharing the Bible!!!

  9. John I think nature just seems to reveal it's self to you every time you do a video…LOL I hope the squirrel makes it, but once again this was another fun video to watch. God Bless and GO KATS!!!!!

  10. It's so much more fun to go fishing with you than most of the other fishermen on here. You seem to have a knack for finding things to see that's different from other fishing shows on utube. I had heard of squirrels swimming across lakes and smaller rivers but today with you was the first time that I ever saw one. It was cute the way he used his bushy tail for a rudder. And that log out in the middle of nowhere and you caught that gorgeous Large Mouth. Also the Perch. They make a great camping out meal. Thanks again for taking all of us along with you. God bless and continue to prosper you in all you do. Happy Fishing. πŸ‘πŸŸπŸ πŸ”πŸŸπŸͺπŸ•

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