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EPIC Day Fishing at PICKWICK LAKE ! ! ! (Multiple BIG FISH Caught)

Catching BIG FISH (Smallmouth Bass) using the MOST EFFECTIVE BAIT known to man ! ! !
Hey folks today I am back with my good friend Ronnie Leatherwood aka “The Bluff Master”, and we are reeling in the Lake Pickwick BIGGUNS one after another! Come along with us for some fun fishing ! ! !
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  1. Rocky great video. I just have started live bait fishing and have fell in love. Was at Pickwick from 10/19 – 10/21 and we smoked those small mouth. Can't wait to be back. Keep making those videos!!

  2. Is this the same man you fished with back when you had your show? You caught a huge stripe down in Wheeler Dam tailwater. Me and my son watched every show!

  3. Great vid. I was up there Tuesday. Caught every kind of fish up there. Just no big ones. The guy before me got the last 2 pounds of the big minnows that Perkins had. I was using the smaller size. Caught fish all day.

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