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Stop Wasting Time When Fishing In The Summer | Summer Fishing Tips For More Success

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  1. When we are talking night fishing how late are y’all going or when are you seeing the best results typically. I got on a good whopper plopper bite from 9:159:30 last night. But I’ve also fished until 1am before and never had luck being out super late/early. And I know some guys are staying out literally all night. I’d be curious to know when they feel the best time is or if that’s based on region of the country too. I’m in Fort Worth.

  2. Good thoughts there Jimi. I'm gonna start staying out later than 9-9:30 at night. Stay where I know and especially after the mid week tournaments. A great thing to have is a Therma- cell strapped to the back of my kayak seat..

  3. I love fishing at night in the summer! That's when I do most of my fishing when it gets hot. It's over 100 here and still in the upper 80s and 90s at night. It'll be that way until October most likely. My Bass Buggy is rigged up plenty of lights for night running. A suggestion I would make is to buy a citronella bug bracelet. They're cheap and last for days. Best way to keep the bugs off of you.

  4. Jimi, something I never see mentioned when most guys mention night fishing is the fact that around here, everyone that fishes a worm or jig at night use blacklights and clear/blue florescent line. Too bad nobody makes florescent florocarbon.

  5. Hey Jimmy great stuff! Tried my first time fishing at night from a boat a few days ago what a difference from walking the shoreline! My question is in a video in the future everyone talks about big lakes reservoirs and things like that but what about river fishing? And I’m not talking about creeks that you can wait in i’m talking about navigational rivers like the Ohio and many others. Would love to know some of your thoughts and ideas about different times a year! To me this is the One thing missing from this channel. All of your thoughts and ideas are great and are better than some channels out there much more informative and have learned a lot including my children! Keep up the awesome videos

  6. As someone who did a lot of catfish fishing when I was younger night fishing was the goto but never thought about bass fishing at night I'll have to give it a try.

  7. Thank you Jimmy for talking about night fishing. We do 3 derby per week at night during summer. Been doing it for longer than I want to remember. But buddy set up along that fence line under that tree behind you this winter and call in a couple of coyotes!! That spot is a winner, I know! Drag Johnny out there and get him out of the house! Good work guys and be blessed

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