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Bass Boats Can’t Go Here! Access Unpressured Fish with Kayaks

Renowned angler Drew Gregory is a firm advocate of utilizing a kayak to access waters that bass boats simply can’t reach. With a wealth of experience and a passion for exploring uncharted territories, Gregory emphasizes the unique advantages that kayaks offer in the world of fishing. By navigating tight spaces, such as overhanging trees and hidden coves, kayak anglers can unlock the potential of untouched fishing grounds. Gregory encourages anglers to embrace the freedom and flexibility that a kayak provides, allowing them to venture into unpressured waters teeming with bass. By capitalizing on the maneuverability and access of a kayak, anglers can embark on an unparalleled fishing experience, exploring hidden gems that remain beyond the reach of traditional boats.

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  1. Back in the creeks alot of times during high flows the water digs out a hole and then the silt builds up down from it. So you might think its getting too shallow then a hole appears.

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