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Stop Wasting Time When Fishing A Jig | Catch More Bass During the Winter

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  1. Man I've loved those Jewel baits for decades. All the way back to the old Eakins Jig 20-25 yrs ago. I live a stones throw from Midway, so Jewel is right next door, but that's certainly not the only reason I use em. They flat catch fish and ya don't have to sell the farm to buy em.

  2. Fished the whole damm lake in deep water, points, drains, you name it and couldnt get anything to bite! Tried almost every damm thing in my tackle bags!

  3. Great video. Very helpful!!!! My question is on a lake like that highland reservoir would it be better to start on the river end or head to the dam area. Looking for channel banks at either end??? Thanks. Also do you have your own YouTube channel??

  4. Always used the finger on the line for spinning reel, but since switching to bait caster , I haven’t gotten into it . Will have to try an remind myself to do that again!!

  5. I missed the Monday vid.
    Your outlook on fishing is amazing.

    Hey I see a lot of Pros with AquaViews on there boats but never talk about them.
    What are you all’s thoughts and feelings about the AquaView and Pros using them?

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