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Establishing PATTERN on NEW Lake (Winter Bass Fishing)

Establishing PATTERN on NEW Lake (Winter Bass Fishing) – In this video, I show you how I break down a new lake in the winter time. Showing you how I pick my starting spot and how I try and establish a pattern.

Falcon Cara Jerkbait & Cara Medium Spin –
Lew’s Custom Pro 3000 –
Lew’s HyperMag –
SunLine FC Leader Line –
FF Sonar Minnow –
Jigheads –
Lindy Snap –
Smithwick Rogue Jerkbait –

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SunLine –
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Garmin –
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Costa Tuna Alley – ​

** BOAT **
Skeeter FXR20 –
Yamaha Motor –
PowerPole –
Easy Step –

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  1. Hey Jason, what is your voltage supply at your unit, and what voltage do you recommend for livescope? Great video and thanks for all the content. God Bless

  2. Jason, One of the best on the water instructional videos, your talking throughout, you dropped a lot of gems, I watched it twice! It felt like I was fishing and figuring out the pattern. I need to get back on the water, this winter with frozen lakes is almost over…. Thanks and tight lines!

  3. When you are looking for rock piles and brush, how important is it to find forage around with it? Do you bother fishing it if there isn’t Shad around for them? What is that process?

  4. Thanks Jason. I have never been an opponent to forward facing sonar, hell wish I could swing it. That sonar has taken alot of the mystery of bass fishing away. I hope it's not the down fall of bass fishing. Fishing needs bad days to appreciate the good ones. A good example is bowling, the consistency of the lanes and the technology of bowling balls allows subpar bowlers 300 games. The popularity of bowling has been in a nose dive for years. I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Nothing personal but livescooe fishing videos just ain't fishing videos. I understand if you don't use it you prolly can't compete anymore but what was great and fun in a fishing video just ain't anymore. Good luck in the upcoming season.

  6. Can't do what your doing without livescope. We would never park on those fish. We wouldn't even know in our hearts they were bass. You can tell they're larger bass. I'm so jealous and falling behind. It's just different fishing

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