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STOP Making These SPINNING REEL Mistakes

Spinning reels are used every single day for bass fishing. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a beginner, you could be making these spinning reel mistakes!

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When I first started using a spinning reel, there were a lot of mistakes that I made. But even to this day, there are a few mistakes that I see a lot of anglers make with a spinning reel which can cause them issues.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys make is assuming that there is a perfect line for a spinning reel. The truth is, you don’t HAVE to use braid or you do HAVE to use Fluoro. Everyone is a little different.

Another thing that I see guys make with spinning reels can cause them to get a lot of knots in their lines which can be super frustrating, especially if you just spooled your reel with new line.

Spinning reels will forever be in most of our tackle arsenals so cleaning up these mistakes will help you when it comes to fishing with one.

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  1. Buying a spinning reel is the biggest mistake. I stopped using spinning reels 10 yrs ago and use baitcaters exclusively. Yes there was a learning curve. But now all I see when I look at a spinning reel is a coffee grinder. I can't stand them. There awkward to use. There's a lot of waisted movement. They were invented for people who could not figure out a conventional reel. Spinning reels suck balls.

  2. Thanks for this tips. This is exactly what I'm doing wrong. I have loops in the spinning reel. I was unaware that my line has a slack until I noticed that it wont reel in anymore.

  3. My all around rod is a 7 foot medium spinning combo with 8lb mono. It does everything I need it to, it's caught me every freshwater fish that swims. I've found 8lb mono is perfect, anything less is too light, and anything more doesn't function properly.

  4. I have a penn fierce 4 what do you recommend I just fish in fresh water I’m a beginner but I think from what your describing the 10/15 braided line is the way to go especially if you have the remedy for the birds nest

  5. 8:11 So, I've always used my non reeling hand's finger to hold a bit of tension on the line right near the reel right as the line hits the end of the cast, click it over, and start reeling.

  6. You kept talking at the start of the video and didn't say a damn thing. Changed to a different channel because you were annoying AF. Both wife and I agreed on this.

  7. I know so many people (me being 1 of them) that has bought 5+ different reels trying to cast farther each time, it took me 2 years to realize I just needed to start using 10-25 pound braid instead of 25-50, if anyone is in the fence about switching to braid…just do it IMO

  8. I cast a mile and a half with 4LB test mono on an Ultralite under 5-foot spinning rod with an 1/8 oz rooster tail and brought 21" catfish in the boat. This a great video all of my birds nest were exactly as described in it. And resolved by those precautions. Thanks

  9. I don't see any compelling reason to spend the extra money on these new lines. Monofilament works just fine for me. I'd much rather spend the money elsewhere.

  10. This isnt abt the video but can anyone help me, i recently bought a new ozark trail spinning reel, and the reel can spin backwards and tangle up. Does anytone know a fix to this? Thanks.

  11. Well said, "everything is so polarized" nowadays and the internet with its social media is only fueling it. So many people are just indoctrinated into something that isn't worth being crazy about.
    I'm thinking about putting some braided line on a spinning reel for trolling with a deep six diver board. The small size and strength of it would fit the bill. Good video.

  12. I remember the first time I used my spinning reel a few months back my line ended up in a huge birds nest and my bail came loose and fell apart cuz the screw wasn’t tightened I just bought it from big five and never used a rod in my life so I was struggling just to get started found the bail screw and put everything back together and was able to undo the birds nest and salvaged the line and went ahead and finally was able to get the hang of casting and switching baits within a few minutes after that it was no problems just the wait but of course nothing bit the line either way i still had fun

  13. Good grief , no slack causes loops, ok mr obvious.. what is the solution? Other than selling branded line, where are the solutions or alternatives? You could cut this video to 3 minutes. Word salad, got nothing. Thx

  14. Never fill a reel more than what the reel is rated for. If it says 145 yards of 6lb mono you don't go over that. If it says 240 yards 10lb beaded you don't go over that. The theory of "maximizing" your fill is a big reason why you get birds nests on spinning reels.

  15. Dude, you nailed it! This is all stuff I learned the hard way over the last 40 years of fishing. You even taught me some new knowledge. I had no idea on how to deal with the line twists by closing the bail and loosening the drag. Also, I have been hesitant to try braid but I think I might give it a whirl now!

  16. Im almost 16 now and have been fishing for years but now Im doing it alone I use a spinning reel and have been using fluorocarbin for my line and just put new line on today thanks for the info an stuff

  17. I find that it’s just too much work with a spinning reel. I wanna click the button and toss it . Then the line twist drives me nuts . I wanna pick up a rod and use it not fix it over and over . Then accuracy . I’m not able to be as accurate with a spinning rod . On the other hand I can skip literally anything with one . But if you could help me out with those things maybe I’d enjoy a spinning reel . I had a Shakespeare spinning reel that had a trigger on it . I grabbed the line and the trigger and pulled the trigger and it opened the reel and I had the line in my finger I still have it . I was like that’s the best idea ever but I can’t find them anymore . I love that reel with the trigger . It makes it so easy to cast it

  18. I think the biggest mistake is using a spinning reel. I switched to baitcaters 6 yrs ago. It took practice and fishing 3 to 4 times a week. For a month to get good. There are excellent affordable baitcaster reels. Lous are all I use. I leave the Shimano and Diana's at home. They were a waist of money. A 70 dollar Lous will do everything a 300 dollar Shimano will do, but without the buyers remorse. I can't even think about using a spinning reel now. They take two hands to use. They twist your line. They suck pretty much. Their good for grinding coffee and uncoordinated don't want to learn a new skill Fisherman. At first I always brought along a spinning reel incase I backlashed real bad. But it was worth the effort. I'm a better all around angler now. Can cast 100 yards if needed. I fish the surf from the beach so a long cast comes in handy. I've cut my finger bad with spinning reels when long casting. And that ends your day and many days after until it heals. That never happens with a conventional or level wind.

  19. Howabout how to cast a spinner and NOT get the line hung up on the hook holder on the rod. It happens every time!! I cant cast my freakin $150 combo.

  20. Love a spinning reel, line twist avoided by spoiling up with attention o the directions of line off the new spool and direction of the line onto the reel. Same direction = no line twist.
    Birds nest happens. Reduce by not casting high into the wind, cast low by sidearm using wrist loop. Birds nests knot prevention…keep the line wet (water acts as lubrication) and cutting the line won’t be needed till you are back at home/camp.

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