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STOP Fishing A NED RIG Like This (3 Ned Rig Mistakes)

Ned rigs are one of the best lures to fish for bass. However, there are many mistakes that bass fisherman make when fishing them.


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One of the biggest mistakes I see anglers make is by fishing the ned rig the same way every time they go out fishing. Sure you can probably catch fish doing this but a ned rig is actually more versatile then you think.

Another ned rig mistake I see, is people using too heavy of a ned rig head. These lures were intended to be fished on extremely light heads and it seems that the lighter your head, the more bites you will get.

Another ned rig mistake I see is more of a modification. If you use the modification I show you, it will help you to not have a twisting issue with the ned rig.

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  1. My pap makes his own ned head jigs and they never fail me. Everytime I go out I'll get bit right away! My favorite color ned rig color is chartreuse and black great mix and if the rivers muddy it stands out great! Usually I stick to 1/10-1/16 my personal preference. But if it drops slow ill change it to a heavier ned head jig. Hope I can sell some in the future with my pap there top notch!

  2. Good video. Thanks. 2 questions. 1, can you put the plastic worm on a ned rig and make it weedless, like tucking the hook just inside the plastic? Would it still be effective as long as you keep it straight? 2, What weight would you suggest for fishing moving water, like streams and rivers?

  3. I hide the hook into the body. so its weedless, I can drop into stumps, and moss beds, make it more NATURAL Drawling out fish to it. Some time they strike on contact, most out side of the structures

  4. I will never use a lure with hooks showing. Unless top water lures is the way to fish with hooks showing. But you can't throw them into structures like moss beds and stumps

  5. Great video!! A lot of good information to take out on the water!! Question: When making your own ned rigs do you leave off the bait keeper since you mentioned cutting the one off the mushroomz head?? Thanks!! Stay Safe & God Bless!!

  6. Going to try ned rig for first time coming up this week…Thanks for the wonderful tips on what NOT to do….sent the vid to my email so I'll have it saved to share with hubby 'after' I catch some! LOL

  7. Well I saw a common mistake in this video. Putting the hook in the ring of you're rod. That will damage the ring and it will cut you're line.

  8. One of the biggest mistakes I see is not using buoyant bait like zman or any ned specific bait. A half cut senko is not the same and you will miss out on fish if you do this

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