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St lawrence River/Lake Ontario 2023 Fall Transition Bass fishing

The Northeastern basin of Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River is a very unique place to fish! In the dog days of August the fishing here can get real tough because of endless tournaments and the fish going real deep in the VAST Lake Ontario. So the fall transition is a very welcoming time of year where the bass come up shallow again. Like I said this area is unique so this fall transition period comes and goes very quickly. You gotta catch it in the beginning to be able to enjoy it. If not it will be over before you even gets started. So that’s why I’m out today tryin to see if this “Fall Transition” has started. I’m checking an area that has produced fish in the past but not this year. If there’s fish there then somethings brewing. If there’s big fish there then the “Fall Transition” is on!!

#stlawrenceriver #smallmouthbassfishing #ditchfishing


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