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Keitech Swimbait Catches TONS of River Bass!!

In this video, I did some river bass fishing with a Keitech swimbait searching for some North Georgia shoal bass. Keitech swimbaits are some of my all time favorite lures, and I have caught many good fish on them. They have incredible lifelike action despite not being very durable. I was using the 4.8 inch Keitech Swing Impact Fat swimbait in this video, which is linked below.

The Keitech swimbait I was using:

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  1. Man what a great video. I have days like this on the Upper Cahaba river here in central AL. Instead of shoalies in the current we have Cahaba bass. They don't get big but they head right for the current when hooked. Great job, Aaron!

  2. That was an insane hour of bass fishing. I've only fished once with 3 inch Keitechs. I heard John Dalton talk about them and bought some white ones and dark green ones and took them up to Michigan. My cousin and his son took me fishing on their home turf lake and I caught some nice smallmouths. In fact I outfished them on their own lake! I left some lures with them.

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