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Spring Bass Fishing Tips for DIRTY Water! (Texas Pond Fishing)

Spring Bass Fishing comes with unpredictable conditions. One day its 80 degrees clear water and sunny outside. The next day it can be overcast 50 degrees and dirty water! In this video I hit a local park pond to try to catch some largemouth bass! This pond had extremely dirty water, but dirty water is something that I have become comfortable with! I give some of my best tips and lures for fishing dirty water in the springtime! Hit the like button if you enjoyed the video! Leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see in future videos! Be sure that you subscribe to the channel so that you won’t miss out on any future Texas bass fishing action! Tight Lines y’all!


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  1. I’m not gonna lie it’s so nice watching someone who’s actually human fish. Someone who gets birdsnest just like 75% of average fishermen and doesn’t edit or clip them out. I really hope your channel gets so much more love and recognition thank you bro!!

  2. FC Sniper, you can upsize your line bc it is dramatically thinner than other brands. Also I wouldn’t use a Palamor knot with fluoro, try a uni or San Diego jam…. Just as easy and fast to tie and less friction on the knot. I believe LFG uses the uni pretty much exclusively.

  3. Bump up to 17 pound fluorocarbon seaguar red label is a good fluorocarbon that’s not the most expensive, if you want the best of the best sunline sniper or shooter is the way to go, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for it.

  4. I run Seaguar Tatsu 25lb fluorocarbon with an Double/improved San Diego jam knot…if the lines breaks it won't be because of this knot.

  5. Man those ponds look like a ton of fun to fish! I personally have never fished a city pond for Bass but always wanted to.
    Definitely a good strategy you had for covering water first and then slowing things down a bit with the Texas rig. Sorry you got snapped bro… I know that feeling all too well!!! I'm really not a fan of fluorocarbon. I have tried several brands and most didn't make the cut. My favorite of all the ones I tested was Seaguar Abrazx… but with the 12lb, I found it has a bunch of stretch! Even more than cheap mono. If I were you, I would fish braid in that dirty water without question! By far the best braid I have used is the Piscifun Onyx 20lb, I like the Ocean blue… or BZ Blue as I call it because it matches my Beard Zero colors lol. You can get a 500+ yard spool on Amazon for like $20 and is absolutely a casting dream as far as braid is concerned.
    Anyways, great fishing and excellent editing on this one 👍

  6. I fish lots of dirty ice-t ponds in Houston, one thing you could try because alot of people on FishAngler were using is the color red bug on a shakey head, trick worm works good. i like to retrieve slow with like a slow double hop and an occasional shake and pause for different amounts of time. if they arent biting I start shaking it more and more aggressively. I use 15 lbs braid w/a litre, and I think p-line tactical flouro carbon just performed very well in a torture test and powerpro gold did too. I don't have much success with straight white baits, usually keep it dark, although I've heard alot of people say white & chartreuse is the sauce.

  7. Love the video. I'd try bumping up to 17# for texas rig. You have to provide all the energy needed for the hookset where on cranking bait the fish does a lot of that for you. I'd also try a floro that is made fir jigging/texas rig. I appreciate what you do.

  8. Seaguar makes really good Flourocarbon for what I've been fishing recently. Good on my Shimanos and I tie leaders to braid no issues with the knots. Not sure about all of their line but I use the red box, 15 lb.

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