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What I WISH Someone Would’ve Told Me About JIG FISHING

Jig fishing for bass is truly one of the best ways to catch your personal best and a jig might be the most versatile lure on the planet. So lets talk about 3 jig tips you need to master!

Bitsy Bug Jig –
Zoom Super Junk Jr –

If you have been fishing for bass, you have probably heard of a jig or jig and pig. This is an old school lure that still produces big bass every single year.

Not only is it a great lure for catching big bass, but you can also catch bass on it in a number of different situations. From clear deep water to shallow dirty water.

One thing that I have noticed is that there is a lot of folks out there that struggle to gain confidence in a jig, so this video is geared to helping people understand a jig and gain confidence in fishing it.

I hope it helps you!


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  1. If you can fish a plastic worm then you can fish a jig. No diff, and just like fishing a plastic worm you have to watch your line and if you see it move, even without feeling anything, set the hook INSTANTLY!!!! …And learn how to know the diff between the 'tell-tale' feel of a Bass vs.a twig, rock, ect. plus you won't be getting hung-up hardly ever by setting the hook into a log a gnarly brush pile or rock piles / rip-rap ect.
    Good luck!

  2. the ol bitsy bug!!! i started on these too! 3/16s weight was the smallest i could get for $4. added a creature and caught 11 bass first day maybe 4 hours of fishing. cant go wrong with the bitsy bug i think especially on a budget.

  3. He’s spot on. A good rule is the heavier the jig the longer the rod with a fast reel. I never had confidence in a jig, I threw ALOT of Texas rigs… it the exact same. Black and blue jig with a black Chunk jr trailer will get your confidence first time out. On the Susquehanna we even throw some white/chartreuse chatter bait.

  4. Don't agree, this is totally not true. I've caught more fish on a plastic worm than I ever have on a jig! A worm is just as good if not better because it's so simple. This is why I hate so many of these bass videos about tackle, too many lies, misconceptions and bs. Fishing is simple, you don't need all of that complicated garbage!! Look at a jig, really take a hard look at it. What do you know of, in fresh water, that looks like a jig. Nothing!! Why should I bother using a jig when other things work every time I them in the water.

  5. I agree but would like to add one thing. When fishing faster moving lures such as a crank bait, have a jig ready & if you catch or miss a fish, stop, grab that jig & fish that area out. In tournaments, that’s usually where my bigger fish come from. You are 100% right, you have to have confidence which comes from using it. In my younger days, I spent $$ on colors before I considered style, size & action where color should be the last thing.
    Oh, one other thing to add: If your are has a lot of wood & down trees, football heads are not ideal. The head get wedged in the Y’s or forks in branches etc…

  6. when I used them majority conditions weren't favorable confidence disappointed. however most memorable moment was with black/blue jig early morning first cast. Haven't tried trailer thanks for video sub'd

  7. All the bass i caught last year were on a swim jig or a bitsy jig and i was swimming it.

    This year so far i have only caught 1 bass 2lbs and it was on a ribbit toad.

  8. Just started fishing a few weeks ago, and this video has been super helpful. I picked one up, when I assembled my tackle box, but this has given me a reason to be excited to cast it out. Gave this channel a sub too. Looking forward to more. Thanks boss

  9. Excited to see this 1, this video is for me I have like 6 jigs in my small boat and never tie them up cause I never had luck with them, I know your videos are always the best so I’ll thank you before I even see it
    Thanks buddy you took away my bobber and real nightcrawler style fishing and taught me to fish with so much other stuff 3 years ago…in that time I loved fishing so much decided to get me a small boat and love it even more.

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