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Spring Bass fishing | I Sunk My Kayak

Pre-Fishing for a Slay Nation California event at Millerton lake, kayak Bass fishing tournament. Hear my story, and video from the scene of the accident. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, just make sure you’re always safe, and wear your life jacket.

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Gear used-

13 Fishing C2 Gen 2- https://amzn.to/3OFakO3
13 Fishing Axum- https://amzn.to/437ATzx
Shimano Vanford- https://amzn.to/3II6lMS

13 Fishing Omen- https://amzn.to/3BVjGgT
13 Fishing Envy- https://amzn.to/3BTGM7s

My Camera Gear:
GoPro 11- https://amzn.to/426rh6U


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  1. Yard sale in the lake, been there done that. Now I bungie my rods in the crate rod holders, upgraded to a titan 13.5 foam injected kayak, use hull racks for rods with tie downs, put the transducer on a spring mount system so it flex, and always wear life vest. Get a plastic welder best $35 you will spend.

  2. Was flipped by boat wake last spring, San Francisco Bay. 2 miles offshore from launch, open big water. Was fighting a halibut and didn't notice a 26' center console approaching me. Didn't understand their close approach as my large orange flag was flying 8' above, orange surveyor tapes flying off the rear camera boom too. Auto Pilot maybe?? The big rig blew by me at maybe 20' away. Before I could turn, PA14-360 was flipped! Got the big yak up righted, which took some doing. Now almost physically drained after 3 attempts to reboard, I was about ready to make a may-day call to USCG channel 16. But 4th time a charm and up I went, with the help of a wave starboard. I just sat there for 1/2 an hour recovering. Lost some small gear but both fish poles, electronics were still onboard. Pedaled over to my bobbing fishing rod, halibut still hooked up. The pipe foam did its job, keeping the rod floating butt up. Now I am VERY AWARE of every boat approaching, even installed an acrylic mirror up front so I can see behind me. You are correct, bad things can happen when least expected!

  3. I also have a Kayak Old Town pdl120. I have lots empty 1/2 gallon plastic tea container 🫙 s . I’m going throw a few of them inside the hull incase the boat sinks to keep it floating at least and really I learn something here SAFETY

  4. I know I’m just telling you stuff you likely regret not doing or are getting tired of hearing at this point but for others it may be valuable to know.

    I always keep my rods leashed, other alternative are rod floats! But they don’t work as well with smaller setups. Or keeping those rods strapped to the black pack pro.

    Most Hobie PAs take on water through the H rail, and hatch.

    Glad your incident went as well as it did, while still being horrible.

  5. I use an Outback inshore and oyster shell is absolutely brutal on our hulls literally see plastic curls on most trips. Don’t worry about your hull bottom integrity, it’s good.

  6. Agree! Some boaters are just messed up and don't care! I try to stick to lakes that have a 10 mile an hour speed limit. Always wear your PFD! I see people not wearing them and I shake my head every time. Just don't understand the mentality! Glad the tournament turned out well!

  7. Glad you're ok! I'm a boater and if I find myself in a narrow slough or know I have to pass close to kayakers (CA Delta, Folsom) , I slow down. My boat is a Tracker 185 Targa V outfitted for bass so it does put out a fairly large wake. What that guy in the Ranger did was downright low. I've had it done to me and even if I'm in a boat, I still get upset. And I wear my PFD 100% on the boat and I converted to standard so I'm not worried about if the bobbin will trigger my inflatable; I just found out from the boat inspection guys that the inflatables have to be worn 100% of the time (see Steve Cooper's vid "In Deep on The Delta" on that a few months back). Most "boaters" don't pay attention to that rule or aren't aware. Really glad you're ok.

  8. I'm very respectful people in their kayaks are other boats because I'm a kayak fisherman first. But just over the weekend I had one stupid Boulder that just about swamp my bass boat. Actually at the anchor down and he came way too close and my boat took on water. That was the first time I've ever thought about having some confrontational the water and thankfully I was in my right mind. I had some stuff get wet that didn't need to be, but if I was done anything it would have ended bad

  9. Been there before… San Pablo reservoir in NorCal. Lost rods, cameras, gear… I was freezing cold in March. My life jacket did it's thing It was awful to think about for a long time…

    Stuff will be replaced. Your life is good. The kayak will be okay. Platicweld and smooth out the rough spots.

  10. Might want to look into kayak insurance with the setup you have. I have $20k coverage for my kayak and only pay $120 a year. $12k kayak and $8k in tackle coverage.

  11. So I fish from both a kayak and a boat. When I’m in my yak I always point my bow at the wake and I never standup when wakes are coming at me. Yes boaters need to be more cautious when on the water just like a Kayaker should be paying attention to their surroundings. Keep in mind a bass boat doesn’t have brakes. I hate that you lost your gear and that jackass didn’t even stop to see if he caused any harm to you. Safety is always more important than a tournament. Glad to hear you were successful during the tournament and don’t let that deter you from going back to that lake. Thanks for sharing your story as this may help someone else to be safer on the water and to wear their PFD. Really glad that you’re alright

  12. Still glad you’re okay bro, crappy situation still and im sorry that all had to happen. If i head out to millerton sometime soon ill see if i can go and recover some of your stuff and send it your way

  13. I only had that problem once, thankfully i keep and emergency kit on my kayak I put the float on the kayak to keep it from going deepter and used the pump to drain the water out enough so i could get back on it then just climed back on and finished draining it with the pump took about 35 minutes.

  14. Wow, Boaters are responsible for their wake. Can you find out who the director of that tournament was and find out who had that Ranger. They should compensate you at the least. Maybe take them to small claims.

  15. My son was flipped off of his kayak during a tournament. There was also a boat tournament at the same time. Two guys had got upset with my son because he was catching and they were struggling so they came back by and buzzed him. We notified the Marine patrol. I do want to also say there are good boaters out there. Several have slowed down while passing us which is always a blessing. Tight lines bud.

  16. Praise God you're okay! Same thing happened to me at Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania in 2021, and I wasn't standing up. I thought I was in a no-wake zone, but I definitely wasn't. Lost my anchor, my transducer, two rods, and a full box of jigs. I was in about 40 feet of water. I never fish in wake zones now

  17. Crazy man! This is one of my biggest fears, especially the way the bass boaters are on the Delta, they come flying around the points and tule islands without thinking about the fact that there may be a small plastic vessel on the other side of that point. Glad you were able to make it out safely, and recover some of your gear!

  18. My guess for water intrusion would be the front hatch. Even though there is a rubber seal around the front hatch it is far from watertight. That is a big opening that will flood out extremely fast. I always wondered what it would take to flip my PA14 and now I know. You are one lucky dude given the water temp. You maintained a great attitude about it can thanks for sharing.

  19. I think there's a few lessons to learn here. One being, keep it simple. Don't overload your yaks. It's a kayak, not a bass boat. The entire industry has taken a turn for the worse over the last few years. Try getting yourself a river kayak with a paddle and go back to basics. Learn the art of kayak bass fishing. Don't take it for granted.

  20. Did you take his wake from the side? I always turn my nose into the wave as quickly as I can. Glad your ok. Could have been a lot worse. In kayak fishing your gonna at some point lose some gear. The question is just how much gear.

  21. Sucks to be you. All that money. I'll go looking for some water soaked rods this weekend now. Millerton is 15 mins from my place

  22. Glad you are ok but I have to say I am glad you fished that tournament. First time here but to me that tournament was a freebee nobody would expect much so you could only go up from where you were. If I had watched the whole video and you said you didn't fish the tournament I would not have subbed. You can't let a lake beat you and you didn't!

  23. Fuck, that's my biggest fear when I go out on big water. I'm lucky enough to live near so many small lakes. I can avoid it if I want, but still.

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