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My No.1 Early Spring Big Bass Lure…95% Of Anglers Will Never Guess What It Is…

Randy shares one of his secret early spring lures that produces more big bass than any other lures he fishes in early spring. Over 90% of the anglers out there will never guess what this is as most people don’t see it as an early season bait. #springbassfishing #prespawnbass #bigbass #bigspringbass #bassfishing #fishing


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  1. Fishing with Randy? TV show! Can you do a fishing tv show like Bill Dance. I love the lure talk, but take me fishing Randy! Season 1. LETS GO RANDY.

  2. I fish an urban lagoon in Chicago that seems to me to be very similar to a cove or creek arm (flat, mostly less than 5 feet, stained); I’m going to try this on it. Love the afternoon part too!

  3. I didn't know but when you say Spring, that did come into mind as one of the guess. I disagree with buzzbaits. Never liked them. They are extremely hard to draw fish in CA. I do agree it is a Springtime lure and it is a shallow area lure. I see them best there with lots of grass. Buzzbait is old school. The new school fishing is much more dangerous. I cut my brand new Khan buzz and make serious mods. Still don't have the time to run it.

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