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Smashing Kansas bass in a broken boat! Part 1 (bass fishing)

Sometimes we get lucky. While on a Kansas road trip, we managed to break the trolling motor prop on some shallow rocks…and of course we forgot the spare back home. So, we made the best of it by ducking wind and staying in a very sheltered cove. The motor had just enough prop blades left that we could sort of move around, and we got very fortunate to find the cove we chose was slam full of bass in heavy cover. We got out the big tackle and pitched our way to a great morning of catching!

0:00 intro
00:15 fifth cast…first catch
01:00 jerkbait strikes again
01:33 move to cove
03:40 the key to it…
04:20 point blank
05:45 show them how to do it


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