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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Michigan: Finding a Pattern

Some days the fish are just not going to chase. That’s the reality of fishing. When this happens we simply need to slow it down and present something floating around in front of them. Usually this is something with little action and smaller than usual. That’s what happened on this episode. I was able to get a few fishing fast but as the day wore on I had to go slower and was rewarded with some really nice fish!

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  1. Nice solo trip. Those nasty midges keep me off Lake Erie for a couple months each year, late May – early July. I spend too much time cleaning my boat as it is. lol

  2. No wonder Kevin Van Dam likes northern Michigan for smallmouth fishing. Smallies seem to be on the big side up there in the northwoods.

    I like fishing smallies with my version of the lindy-rig instead of a walker sinker. Like to use bullet sinkers brass if I can find them & use them legally. Then I rig with 2 bullet sinkers on the main line followed by a small swivel attached to that leader 6" to 18" long a #4 walleye hook add half a night crawler blow crawler with air using a syringe. Which lifts the worm off the bottom. Slowly drag it through their beds & heat of summer troll it about 8/10ths of a mile an hour in 16fow to 30fow. Dynamite bait all season long & for many species. The brass sinkers when they clack together make a different noise than other sinkers & tend to make smallmouth more interested at least that's what l have encountered in my 50 years of fishing.

    Great video! I definitely enjoy watching your videos.

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