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Smallmouth Bass CAN’T RESIST This Lure!

Smallmouth bass can’t resist this lure! The finesse swimbait is one of the best smallmouth bass fishing lures of all time and will even work for largemouth and spotted bass as well. I am a huge fan of the finesse swimbait and have been fishing it for years! Learn how to fish swimbaits for smallmouth bass and all my tips and tricks with this amazing smallmouth bass fishing bait in today’s bass fishing tips episode!

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  1. I had a good day on spots with those swim baits on Table Rock a couple weeks ago. A dab of Loc Tite Ultra Control Gel on the jig shank helped the life of the bait. It didn't take much Even a little dab down in the plastic when it was getting torn helped repair the insides and didn't seem to affect performance. Clearwater Rose was the color I used. Those jig heads look like a nice alternative to glue. Yes glue gives it a "hard spot" in the bait, but it didn't seem to hurt anything. We would glue a couple up in case we lost a bait so the glue was cured.

  2. I'm 52 and never caught a Smallmouth until last Thurs on the Susquehanna..Just over 2lbs on one of my airbrushed squarebills..Gotta say never thought they'd fight like they do..I'm addicted now. Gonna grab some of the jigheads you mentioned as well.

  3. Nathan, nothing beats an overcast sky with enough breeze to push bait into an area so you have a "Captive Audience" in front of you for hours on end..! What a great video to watch and enjoy. Thank you Sir.

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