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Scenic Urban River Gives Up BIG BASS |Fort Worth BFS Fishing|

This trip took persistence, but new sites were seen and I managed to land a few TANKS. Overall one of the more relaxing and fun trips of the summer so far! Links to Gear are below:
#BFS #Baitfinesse #bassfishing

Hat and Shirt: Check them out on instagram

Rods: 740C, 701 C, 700C


Quick Change Weighted Fluke Rig:





Trailer: 3”


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  1. I'm by no means an official YouTube video reviewer–but this was a masterclass!

    The opening had great teasers, the B-roll was nice and the music was completely on point–loud enough to enjoy but not so loud to be distracting allowing the ability to still clearly hear you engaging the reel, splashes from the fish or paddles and anything else that makes the video feel "close" and personal. Very enjoyable–it also made the video go by very quickly (in a good way).

    As for the fishing–awesome–showing innovation with the rigging, relatable knowledge about the fish getting conditioned to the traditional ploppers and landing nice fish under less than great conditions. I also like the realness–telling us that it's been 1hr 20 min since your last bite at some point rather than just showing fish after fish without acknowledging the struggle–also very relatable. It helps put forth realistic expectations. We all understand editing but we never know when it's a 10 min video with a handful of catches over the span of an hour or a day.

    Every time I think I'm gonna save my money and stick with my spinning gear for tiny baits, I catch one of your videos and start adding things to my cart!

    Subbed and look forward to watching this channel grow–I'm sure it will, you're hitting on a couple aspects better than the rest!

  2. I really liked this video. You got all over the place on that board this time you covered a lot of water I’m gonna have to go hit some of those spots in the new yak. Keep up the good work love the videos.

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