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RARE $2,000 Albino Catfish CAUGHT in the WILD!

In today’s video, my friend @KadenHillery surprised me with a MASSIVE albino phantom redtail catfish that his friend CAUGHT in the wild! He wanted to give the fish to me so we had to net it out of his backyard pond and transport it to mine! This catfish is worth easily $2,000 and is now apart of the BFP NATION! Leave a comment with your name suggestion for our new fish!





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  1. I almost moved to Florida when I had my vacation there back in the 90's but after feeling the humidity there in November I don't think I could handle the summer there lol 😂 and big was raised in Texas but lived in different States Alaska was too cold so I live in Oklahoma were you get to say if you don't like the breather stick around it will change in 3.3 seconds 😂 😂

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