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Pressure? NO PROBLEM! (Ultra Urban Bass Fishing)

Recently been receiving some feedback from some people that aren’t very happy that I make videos that pressure is messing with the bite, so I set out on a mission today to prove a point. Pressure does have an effect, but it’s honestly not that big of a deal. One of the biggest skills bass fishermen/people can acquire how to to adapt. Even with a lot of pressure the bass still eat, and no, you don’t need to resort to live bait. Understanding where the bass are located and how they’re feeding and living is the BIGGEST factor for success you can learn as an angler. Today we ventured to the MOST PRESSURED pond in San Jose, we gave ourselves one hour to catch a decent fish, during one of the most difficult times of day to prove our point, and succeeded!

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  1. hell yeah Gary! i needed to hear this. I'm always at Almaden lake and I've had 0 luck getting any fish at this lake this summer so far. to the point where I've lost hope for this spot but this video proofed that i just need to humble myself. thanks for the knowledge my boy. Back to the drawing board i go…happy fishing ma dood!

  2. Congratulations on that fish under difficult conditions.
    A lot of non-fisherman have no idea how we catch fish.
    They think it is just magic that you throw it in and pull fish out.

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