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Pond Management | Grow Big Bass In Small Ponds!

Fisheries Biologist Dr. Brian Graeb discusses the key elements of a healthy pond and how they directly relate to the overall health of the pond and the quality of fish in that pond. We are on a small 1 acre farm pond that Brian has been managing for trophy smallmouth bass and largemouth bass and the results speak for themself!


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  1. I have a half acre 15’ deep pond (in lower Michigan) that is loaded with bluegill. From little minnows all around the shoreline to fingerlings all the way up to a few dozen of the biggest bluegill I have seen. The fish will follow us like pets as we walk the shoreline so the kids love it. I have only seen about 4 decent size largemouth this spring. We bought the house/property over a year ago so im a newbie at management. I added some structure and an aeration system( 2 different locations). Do I need to stock more largemouth since my bluegill population is increasing rapidly?
    I want to work on keeping a healthy largemouth population to fish with the kids.
    Thanks for the help!!

  2. I have a 13 acre pond in Nebraska and my bass I’ve been catching are all the same size above 3 lbs but nothing over 4. How many should I pull out and any suggestions for helping grow larger ones ?

  3. I have a 8 ace pond full of huge crappie and A lot of bass but none of the bass we have caught have been big or even decent just pretty small any reasons?

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