Fishing for BIG Bass with BIG Glide Baits with Matt Robertson! #OnEm

You been asking for it and I have delivered. A Few weeks ago my buddy Matt Robertson asked me to come along with him for a day on his home lake. It took us a few but Matt got #OnEm pretty quick on a glide bait while I stood around in the back of the boat with a thump up my tail. I learned quite a bit from him. We tried to specifically target big bass using big glide baits and for me a big spinnerbait. First time I’ve been in the boat wit him. We had a blast. Let me know in the comments section if you want to see more of Matt on Here! Smash that Like Button on This Video!! Subscribe if you’re new!
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Matt’s Swimbait Rod: Lews Custom Pro 76MH:
Matt’s Ree : 7.1:1 Lews Super Duty Wide Spool:
Matt’s Line : 25lb Strike King Fluoro:
Matt’s Swimbait : SWaver 168:
Matt’s On Em Hat:
My Spinnerbait Rod: Sensory 7’1 MH-Fast:
My Spinnerbait Reel: Daiwa Tatula CT100HS:
My Spinnerbait:Spot Sticker SheadHead
My Line: 17lb Sunline Assassin Fluoro:
My Sunglasses: Waterland Co Polarized *Coming Soon*

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Camera: Canon 7D (Old School) / Go Pro Hero 3+
Computer: HP Envy x360
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro/Adobe Photoshop CC


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  1. Happy to meet ya was guy behind ya in weigh ins at ky lake Jet-A marine tourney April 16th!!! I was like u look like Matt Robertson then u turned around I was like hold up I are the him ๐Ÿ˜‚ It was good to see ky lake coming alive again! Keep it up Iโ€™m big fan of ya and Tommy Williams a closer local to me in Taylorsville ky..keep it up Matt! Was a pleasure meeting ya very humbled!!! Cheering for u ky guys

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