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Pond Fish Stocking with Largemouth Bass and Flathead Minnows

First time stocking pond with largemouth bass and flathead minnows. If all goes well I will stock more flathead minnows in the fall. Jonesfish hacteries out of Cincinnati Ohio was pretty cool.


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  1. Ive been following #BamaBass since the beginning just over a year ago, when he built this pond and stocked it. BamaBass gives the greatest tips on equalizing the system for the growth and health of the bass and all kinds of other other neat things. I hope you might find it useful and interesting! Ill put a link down and all youll have to do is find the videos of his 5 acre pond. There are recents, this one was 10 months ago, but I recommend starting at the beginning so you can understand how the bass grow.

  2. pallets wrapped in chicken wire in about 2-3' of water. breeding and shelter for the minnows they lay their eggs on the bottom side of the top layer of pallet. grab a bunch of bags of gravel and stone make a bunch of 24" circles bluegill like to lay eggs in gravel.

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