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Catching HUGE spotted bass on secret swimbait Lewis Smith Lake!!! Lucas Black Bass Fishing

#Bassfishing #fishing #spottedbass
I love to fish my home lake, Lewis Smith Lake. It is very versatile with tons of options. Today I was using big swimbait on these spots! Enjoy!


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  1. I miss taking trips to Lincoln with my grandparents to fish the coosa river. Never fished Lewis Smith lake but From what I've seen Alabama is full of great fishing spots.

  2. S-waiver is my go too as well. I never tell anyone i catch fish with it their either lol Show a picture of the fish "Damn! Watcha catch that on??"

    Oh just a shaky head with a trick worm up against a bluff wall.

  3. My son and nephew just finished 15th in a HS tournament up there this past December. We consider Smith and Guntersville our two home lakes. Love fishing for spots on Smith and largemouths on lake G. Beautiful spots you caught. 💯

  4. I live 3 miles from Smith Lake.. wish I had known you were coming to fish, I sure would like to have an autograph. I've enjoyed everything you have ever acted in. You are 1 year and 1 day older than my son. This old grandma is crazy about you!!!!!

  5. Lucas id fricking love to come fish with you partner I won’t make any stupid fast and furious references, I’ll stick strictly to sling blade euphemisms! Awesome fish brother new sub!

  6. Hey maybe you do not remember me but we met at the bowling green Missouri circus when I was about 6 and you were in my most favorite fast and furious movie and it’s cool to watch your videos now I’m 13 and still remember

  7. We had a place across from crance. Def miss fishing every other week. We fished every inch of yellow creek, brushy creek, and sipsey. Plus a few spots along the way south.

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