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NEW Tricks For BIG Worms To Catch Summer Bass

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  1. Jimi, you bring a pile of energy to this channel and it’s awesome!! I only use EWG’s. My hook up and landing ratio is dang near 100% using EWG on ribbon tail worms and it helps keel the bottom of the worm so it swims more ergonomically. Just my two cents though.

  2. I've been a worm fisherman forever but just started trying the 10 and 12 inch worms recently. Problem: I lost probably 3 good fish in the last 2 weeks on big worms. I was thinking hook was too small but moved up to 5/0 this week and still missed one. I will try Randy's technique. Good video.

  3. great tips Jimi ! I used the old reliable Ole Monster in plum yesterday. Caught 3 nice ones. One over 4lb, and two over 5lbs. All on ole monster, and on edge on brush. 👍👍

  4. I love big wormin' in the summer! I'm throwing a Magnum Ol' Monster or a Mann's Jelly Worm on a 3/4 oz wobble head. It's hilarious when I catch an aggressive little one pound dink doing that sometimes!

  5. Awesome video! Ready to get out on the Rod and chunk some big worms. Just picked up some 13" curly tail custom pours out of a little tackle shop I just found 😬 – James

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